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Sunday Stash and Goals Update: 5/4/14



Hello!  Let me first confess that I did not take this picture.  I tried all morning, but my Baltimore Orioles would not cooperate.  Still, they are fantastically colorful and entertaining at my feeder.  I have seen up to six at a time, and the males are so bright!



I bought three yards of solids on Saturday, but considering that I was actually standing in Fabric Shack, I think that shows amazing will power.  We stopped in Waynesville, OH on the way to the Reds ball game to celebrate my husband’s 60th birthday.  Yesterday was a Derby Party.  Therefore, nothing was finished this week.

This week: +3 yards, -0 yards
YTD: +64.75 yards, -93.5 yards
Net stash used 2014: -27.75 yards


April Goals

1. Quilt gray and yellow quilt.   Finished.  See 1 and 2 here.

2. Make commissioned baby quilt in navy.

3. Make a floral quilt.  No, I didn’t.  I made a beach quilt instead.

4. Design a block for my Slow Quilt.  I’m collecting the fabrics.  Done.


Storm at Sea


Here’s the block I’m using in the Slow Quilt.  It’s a version of Storm at Sea.  Saturday’s purchase was the last of the fabric (I think).


May Goals

1.  Finish bright floral quilt.

2. Make blocks for Slow Quilt.

3.  Donate older baby quilts to Project Linus.

4.  Commit to a small pouch/bag project and gather supplies.


These are not ambitious goals, I know, but they reflect the fact that it is May.  I will be away some, and working on the yard and garden, so I’ll be lucky to accomplish these.

Does anyone know of a site that has taken up this Getting It Done/ Monthly Goals project?  If there’s not, would any of you be interested in linking here?  Please let me know.

I hope you’re all progressing with your Stash and quilting goals.  I’m linking up with Sunday Stash Report at Patchwork Times.


Log Cabin Finish

2014-02-03 17.07.32

This quilt has been a while in the making, but it’s all finished now.  I completed the blocks in the middle of July, 2013, and put the top together sometime this winter.  Then I quilted it during the Quilts of Valor Sew-In and Sports Ball Sew-In this past weekend.  Monday I added a bright blue binding that I think is perfect.

2014-02-03 17.07.41

This quilt is all made from stash.  The red “chimneys” are 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ patches from my bins.  The “logs” are all strings, except for the wolf and owl fabric.  This seemed like a good use for it, except that their eyes do stare at you!

2014-02-03 17.08.48

This is being donated to Quilts of Valor, so I was planning a quick job on the quilting.  I stabilized it by quilting in the ditch between all the blocks using Bottom Line thread.

2014-02-03 17.07.59

Then I marked a wavy line down either side of the columns and rows of blocks (I think straight lines would have looked odd on these really wonky cabins), and switched to a medium blue Masterpiece thread so the stitches would show more.  I used the walking foot, thinking I would sew on the marking and a line on either side.  I found I wanted to add one more line in each area (24 extra trips across the quilt), and that came close to catching every strip of fabric in at least a bit of quilting.

2014-02-03 17.08.07

The plan was to quilt a star outline in each red patch, but, again, that didn’t seem like enough, so I stippled around all thirty-five of them.  I’m really happy with the effect.  It has enough quilting, and the waves make a nice effect as they undulate across the surface.


As always, I enjoyed sewing with the #Twilters and others who joined us for Super Bowl weekend.  The QOV Sew-In was very quiet by comparison, at least on Twitter.  Maybe Facebook and Instagram were more chatty.  I also got the idea folks were sewing in groups, so they had plenty of live company.  Maybe they got more done than those of us who sew with one hand and tweet with the other all day!  I won a prize from QOV, so I’m not complaining.

2014-02-03 17.09.38

This will be heading off to Heather as soon as I get finished looking at it hanging over my stair railing!

What have you finished?  I’m linking up to Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.

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Getting It Done: January and February


Well, we’re four days into February, and it just occurred to me to write this post.  One of those years?  Oh, well.

And it doesn’t look to me like Judy is continuing this link-up at Patchwork Times.  Does anyone know if I’ve missed it, or if she’s quit, or if anyone took it over?  I think I’ll still do it here, but it was fun to connect with everyone.  The goals didn’t work very well for Judy, but they did for me!

January Goals

  1. Make ten pillowcases to go with the two I have for donation. (Still need to get these to the Mason Jar.)
  2. Make HST commission quilt
  3. Make string commission quilt
  4. Scrapitude, step 4

Okay.  You see the problem with this month was that I had some extra time during the snowy weather, so I started piecing strings, which became Bright Strings, which demanded a border, which demanded some fancy quilting, so it dominated my month without even being on the list.  Then the #Twilters talked me into the Disappearing Pinwheels Quiltalong, with which we had/are having a ball.   That’s my story.  These quilts did further some of my goals for the year, though.  While not a planned Slow Quilt, Bright Strings did grow into a slower project with a lot of design decisions.  Both quilts used a ton of stash.  And I quilted something besides feathers!  So, no regrets.

On the commission quilts, I did select fabrics and settle on final designs with the customer, and I’ve made some sewing progress on one this month.



February Goals

  1. Quilt the log cabin Quilt of Honor quilt. (Did this during the QOV and Sports Bowl Sew-Ins.)
  2. Piece and quilt triangle commission quilt.
  3. Piece and quilt string commission quilt.
  4. Assemble Scrapitude top.;-


I’d like to work on the Disappearing Pinwheels, too, but it’s a short month, and I have hopes of getting my back into good enough shape where I can go back to Step class, so I’ll just stick with the four goals.


I hope you’re staying safe and warm in this weather, and making progress on your goals.

Please let me know if you know anything about the Getting It Done challenge.

(And I am not doing the Crumb Challenge, no matter how many other #Twilters do.  Just so you know.  😉



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Quilty Resolutions 2014


My quilting the past year felt a little directionless, so I’m trying to sets a few goals for this year.


I’ve sewn purses and bags through the years, but haven’t tried the new ones popular in this century.

  • I asked for and received Purses, Bags, and Totes by Moya’s Workshop for Christmas.
  • I’ve been saving Pins, tutorials, and posts about bags I like on Evernote for the last two years.  (Do you use Evernote to save everything in your life?  Recipes, blog posts, web pages, everthing, all nice and organized and private.  Across all devices.  I love it.)
  • I think little zipper pouches would make good gifts for kids at Christmas, and would be a good way to try out several patterns.

Quilt Variety

I tend to get into ruts extended studies on the same pattern or quilting design.  I don’t think that’s all bad, but I want to branch out some this year.

  • Do more with curved piecing.  It’s been a while.
  • Pick out a block pattern I’ve never used before.
  • Asked for Fabulous Feathers and Fillers by Sue Nichols for Christmas.  Okay, so that’s not different, but maybe I can take them in another direction.  And I could stand to learn a new filler or two.
  • Saw a great old quilt with really bold sashing that I want to try.

Slow Quilt

I do love to pull fabrics with abandon, cut big patches quickly, and stitch up a bright, fresh quilt before the energy can leave me, but maybe it’s time to slow down and make something planned and elaborate and maybe even show quality.  Maybe.


My goal is to have a net use of 100 yards again this year.  I’ve done it the previous two years.  I think the wire basket drawers where I keep my fabric are closing a little easier… hard to tell, but I must be making progress.  At least the fabric is turning over, and the drawers are stuffed with more modern fabric that is more my taste.  Sunday Stash Report at Patchwork Times is a great motivator, and I’ve really enjoyed my membership in the Flickr group, Stash Pact II:  Electric Bugaloo.  I can’t tell if we’re going into the new year, but I hope so.  There haven’t been comments in quite a while, but we continue to post photos as we sew, knit, scrap, etc., our way through our stashes.  Really positive people.

Getting It Done 2014

I haven’t seen if Judy is doing this again at Patchwork Times, but I hope so, and I expect she will.

January Goals

  1. Make ten pillowcases to go with the two I have for donation.
  2. Make HST commission quilt
  3. Make string commission quilt
  4. Scrapitude, step 4

Wishing all of you a great year in your personal and quilting lives!


Wrapping Up 2013

New Year

An interesting year (aren’t they all?), lots of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, laughter and tragedy.  Some of that is documented here in the quilts.

2013 Collage 1

2013 Collage 2

That’s a lot of quilts.  I don’t have one favorite.  The most meaningful was probably the flowers for the Project Hope Online Quilt Show, that Sandy and Sandi organized in the wake of Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon.  I pushed out of my own comfort zone, and was awed by the variety of responses.

This year the #Twilters on Twitter named themselves and cheered each other on daily during Sew-Ins, give-aways, and project advice, sharing happiness, heartache, and food and pet pictures.  Big moments or small, it’s wonderful to have friends who understand.   There began the Quiltcast FitBitters group and #QHC (Quilter’s Health Check? I forget again!).  Between us we’ve walked millions of miles and lost lots of pounds.  All that while being darned creative!

This is my 201st blog post!  Thank you all for reading, responding, and commenting!  I’ve met some wonderful people from far away places, and it is such a positive community.  I plan to keep it going in 2014.

Getting It Done

I know that I accomplished a lot by focusing on the goals I set as part of Getting It Done with Patchwork Times.  We all had a lot of fun encouraging each other, and the limited number of goals each month was very helpful.  Hopefully, we’ll do it again, but I can also do it myself for 2014.  December’s list is vague, because not everyone has received these yet.  Also, I forgot photograph some before they were wrapped.  😦

December Goals

1. Quilt for DS (Christmas)

2. Placemats (Christmas)  and a table runner!

3. Pillowcases (Christmas)

Here is my list for the year.


January Goals

  1. Make ten pillowcases to go with the two I have for donation.
  2. Make HST commission quilt
  3. Make string commission quilt
  4. Scrapitude, step 4



All of you have a safe and festive New Year’s Eve.  Join us tomorrow for our New Year’s Day Sew In on Twitter, #NYSI .

May 2014 be prosperous, healthy, productive, and peaceful for you.

I’m linking up with Getting It Done at Patchwork Times.


Getting it Done in November and December

I hope Judy does this again for next year.  I suppose I could make my own list, but somehow doing it with all of you makes it matter more, and I really am getting things done!


November Goals

1. Finish quilting my throw quilt from the Oh My Stars quiltalong.

2.  Finish piecing and quilting OMS throw for my shop,

3.  Finish piecing scrappy red, blue, gray cabin top (Quilt of Valor?)

4.  Piece aqua and gray chevron throw quilt for shop.

5.  Scrapitude Mystery Quilt, Step 3.



December Goals

1. Quilt for DS (Christmas)

2. Placemats (Christmas)

3. Pillowcases (Christmas)

I can’t add links to these because they’re not started yet.  The quilt is designed and I’ve pulled some scraps for it.  Hopefully you’ll see it soon.


How did you do with your goals?  Crazy busy time, if you got anything done you’re doing well!

I’m linking up with Getting it Done at Patchwork Times.



Oh My Stars: Two Finishes!

Here is the first of my two finishes from this project.  I love the fabrics and the minty green background (Kona “Mint”!).  This one has lots of crinkly texture from all the stippling.   I don’t have too many UFOs, but this one has been nagging me, and I’m glad it’s finished, and in time for Christmas.


This project came from “Oh My Stars! ( a Quilt-Along)” by Sheila of Thought and Found.  She organized this almost exactly two years ago, and she did a great job offering twelve different versions of Sawtooth Star.  I never intended to make all the very detailed versions with my large-scale Christmas fabric.  I stuck with four of the simplest, and I’m happy with the result.  Some quilters did amazing things with this pattern, though.  Check out the Flickr group to see some.


This first quilt measures 52″ x 72″.  I quilted all the blocks in the ditch, and stitched the diamond design into the plain blocks.  In the border, I quilted 8″ and 4″ Sawtooth Stars, and stippled everything else in the green background.  That was a lot of stippling, and I was glad it was finished.  The texture is great, but it’s not very original.


The backing for both quilts is a busy green print from my mom’s stash.  I had in mind all this time that it had stylized Christmas trees on it, but they’re just triangles.  Looks good, anyway.


The second version had a few problems.  I needed more Kona solid for the borders and to fill in the empty spaces.  I like the effect of the extra space in the design.  Unfortunately, when the Kona came, it was not the same color as the original.  As a sometime knitter, I know all about buying enough of a dye lot for a project,  but I hoped that Kaufmann had it down to a science.  Also, it seemed a little thinner than the original.  The difference doesn’t show much in these outdoor pictures, but under artificial light it’s pretty noticeable.  Not awful.  I did arrange it carefully, and hope it looks like a design decision.


Then I made the decision to quilt the feather border using a red, green, gold metallic thread.  I can’t blame Sulky for the problems I had with this.  This thread is really old (and I still have a spool and a half!), and seems to have sort of formed to the spool.  My machine does very well with all kinds of threads, and I did a test first and had no issues.  The thread didn’t behave too badly for the spine and first side of the feather border.  It seemed like the farther I got into the spool, the worse it got.  It stuck to itself and seemed rough in the machine.  I found that if I manually pulled off a few lengths of thread first, I could sew a few feathers, but there was still breakage.


That, and Yuri’s interest in this process, didn’t make for very smooth feathers.  I thought this might be a job for Sewer’s Aid lubricant, but my JoAnn had never heard of it.  In desperation, I took the spool to the garage and gave it a good spray with a can of silicone showing pictures of cars and boats.  Wha la!  Magic!  Sewed like a dream.  Wish I had done it when it first started acting up.


Anyway, this one is quilted all over (in Bottom Line – no problems there!) in a four-sided feather design on every twelve inch block or group of blocks.


It shows better in the empty spaces.  I really think this is a much more interesting effect, and the border turned out okay after all the drama.  This is my favorite of the two (also voted on Twitter!), and it’s staying home to be my sofa quilt this Christmas.  It’s 48″ x 72″.  Krissi really liked the first one, but I don’t think she’ll notice.


These two jokers were lots of help.  Kind of takes the “free motion” out of free motion quilting!

I’m sighing with satisfaction and linking up to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts and Can I get a Whoop Whoop? at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

cooltext whoop whoop


Getting It Done in October and November

Yes, I am sewing more than I was at the end of summer.  But there is gardening, and canning, and…things.  I guess from here on in, we’ll be talking holidays.  For instance, I will be gone a week in November.  And December, well.  I think winter, January thru March, is the most productive sewing time of the year.  But I do know that setting these goals every month has made me as productive as possible.  I really keep them in front of me and try to achieve them, just to share them with all of you.  And not look like too much of a wuss.

October Goals

1. Piece and quilt Oh My Stars throw quilt for shop. (almost finished piecing…backing and batting are pieced…)

2. Piece and quilt OMS throw quilt for myself. ( Pieced and partially quilted.)

3. Step 2 of Scrapitude Mystery Quilt

4. Several Xmas wall hangings for shop

November Goals

1. Finish quilting my throw quilt from the Oh My Stars quiltalong.

2.  Finish piecing and quilting OMS throw for my shop,

3.  Finish piecing scrappy red, blue, gray cabin top (Quilt of Valor?)

4.  Piece aqua and gray chevron lap quilt for shop.

5. Step 3 of Scrapitude Mystery Quilt


In my defense, the Christmas wall hangings were paper pieced, and took a while.  Also, I threw in a little impromptu wall  hanging this  week for my friend who just opened a new bread and vintage clothing shop. (Yeah, breads and threads…!  And she follows The Grateful Dead).  It was very experimental, new materials, bobbin work, tulle, etc.  And, I’m rather proud of it.   So it’s not all just leaf drives and composting here.  I am sewing…

How are you doing with your goals?  It’s okay if you’re a little behind.  🙂

I’m linking up to Getting It Done at Patchwork Times.


WIP Wednesday: Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

A little unseasonable snow this morning can’t hurt as I continue this Christmas sewing.  We heard there could be flurries, but it really was surprising to look outside this morning.


Even before there was a trace of snow, I got back to work on my Christmas version of Oh My Stars, the quilt along from Sheila at Thought and Found from two years ago.  Obviously, I didn’t quilt along very well with everyone else.  I got so behind that I put it away, and I really fell out of love with the project.  I’m sure seeing Jaye’s beautiful version progress this past year has spurred me on, and I put it on my Getting It Done List for this month, so that I will have something to use come December.  I hate UFOs!  When I got this back out, it was so stale, some blocks were made, some pieces were cut, but I had no idea what or why, or where I was going next with it.


I made a few more 12″ blocks and fiddled with other things while I got back in the mood.


My fabrics have large-scale prints, so I never intended to make all the very detailed versions that are offered in this project.  I chose 3-4 of the simplest patterns to show off the fabrics, which I love.  Here are some 8″ blocks.


And some more.


And some more.


And here are my 4″ blocks.  Do they look more like gorgeous mixers?  I took yesterday off and DH and I went on a leaf drive that included a visit to the KitchenAid Experience in Greenville, OH.  They offer factory tours and cooking demos, but not while we were there.  It was a quilter’s dream of color.  They have good deals on refurbished mixers and blenders, too.  If I didn’t already have a (white) mixer, I know DH would have bought me one, he was so taken with the colors.  So I still need to make the many little blocks.  I doodled possible layouts for the quilt while waiting for dinner.

I hope you’re playing with fabric.  Or colorful mixers.


I’m linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


Getting It Done in July and August


Well. I did pretty well, considering I was only home the first three weeks of July.  The only thing I didn’t do was finish piecing the top for the Coffee Quilt, and I made a good start on that.  Also, the Log Cabin blocks were a bit of a bonus project.

July Goals

1.  Piece top for SIL Christmas gift quilt. (Six blocks completed.)

2.  Piece top for summer/beachy quilt

3.  Take sewing machine in for service

4.  Quilt beach quilt.

August Goals

1. Finish SIL’s Coffee Quilt top.

2. Quilt Coffee Quilt.

Only two goals in August, because I will only be home to two weeks.  Fair enough?

How did yo do with yours?  It’s okay to play some in the summer.

I’m linking up to Getting It Done at Patchwork Times.