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Beach Quilt V


This week I made the latest in the Beach Quilt series.  This might be my favorite one yet.  The fabrics are like sand and sea glass, and the top went together effortlessly, as the warm early summer breezes blew in.





I always change up the stitching a little.  This time I tried using free motion to quilt the wavy lines.  They are not as even as the ones I do with the walking foot, but it was much easier on my shoulders not moving the quilt around as much.  I did all the stitching in Superior’s Living Colors poly thread, with aqua Bottom Line on the back.  It looks like metalic gold, but it is just a golden color, 506.  The backing is a beautiful awning stripe.





What did you finish this week?


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Progress on Tops

2014-05-22 12.17.10-1

I made the first block for the Slow Quilt.  Yes, it’s a modified Storm at Sea block.  It turned out fine.  The only slightly dicey parts were the long triangles (scalene!), but they were okay.  Now to make some more color decisions and do some more cutting.


2014-05-28 11.57.15

Meanwhile, my last Beach Quilt sold, so I put together more scraps for another one.  I love to make this pattern!  It practically puts itself together while I think my thoughts.  Also, the fabrics are great.  I will be sad when I am truely out of them.  Maybe one more, scrappier top…  This top is finished, the back is pieced (one seam), now I need to piece the batting, and I hope to sandwich it today.


What are you working on?



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Sunday Stash Report: 5/25/14

2014-05-25 13.07.08


Happy Sunday, and happy Memorial Day Weekend!  The weather here is gorgeous.  Hope you’re all getting to spend time as you want, sewing or with family.  Some of us are sewing along on Twitter, #mdsi.


This week: +0 yards, -2.5 yards
YTD: +64.75 yards, -103 yards
Net stash used 2014: -38.25 yards


2014-05-25 13.04.55

The yardage used was for this baby quilt I made for Project Linus from scraps.  I have several quilts set aside to give them, and I thought I’d add one or two before I called my connection.  I was also looking for some non-fiddly chain piecing to do, and this filled the bill, at least for the four patch part of the Disappearing Four Patches.


2014-05-25 13.04.03

I used a different tutorial from last time.  I found this one from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I don’t know if it comes out exactly the same as rotating all the center bars, but it is easy, and most of the seam allowances were turned the right way to make assembly easier.


2014-05-25 13.06.19

The backing is the cloud and planet fabric.  It’s quilted all over with stars, loops, and clouds, using one of Superior’s newish Fantastico variegated threads.


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The Slow Quilt is…slow.

2014-05-21 15.51.51

So.  Trying to get back into the groove after our short trip.  I was burnt out from all the walking, the allergies are plaguing me (this is new to me, and I’m not good at it), and I may have picked up some germ in Williamsburg.  Plus, DS is home, DH is not, and it’s hard to get a routine going.  Then I look at the fabrics I need to cut and I am SO not sure what to do.  I’m using my Oakshott Cottons, and really don’t want to waste anything.


2014-05-21 15.52.36

Today I did cut out fabric for one block, plus the black and white background for all the blocks.  I really like the print, and can’t wait to see what it looks like.

2014-05-21 16.32.22

Of course, about the time I got my sixteen little piles arranged on the sewing table, the thunder and hail began in earnest, and Yuri came running up to the studio.  Touching, really, how he wanted my comfort, but when he skidded to a stop in the middle of all the piles, I don’t think I was very comforting.

They are all clipped or pinned together now, and maybe tomorrow I’ll get the first block sewn together.  Lots of little bits and angles.  We shall see.


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Sunday Stash Report: 5/18/14


This report comes from the road as we leave Williamsburg, VA, and head for home after four nights away.  The Marshall University John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps was invited to the Drummers’ Call at Colonial Williamsburg in celebration of Armed Forces Day, and our son was proud to march.  He probably heard his first fife music here as a small boy, and now he’s playing in the streets of this special place.  There were 14 corps from the US and Canada, quite spectacular.  My husband’s parents were also able to attend.

With traveling there’s been little sewing, so the stash is the same.

This week: +0 yards, -0 yards
YTD: +64.75 yards, -101.5 yards
Net stash used 2014: -35.75 yards

Hope you’ve had a good week.




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Sunday Stash Report: 5/11/14

2014-05-10 13.27.47


Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!  This photo has nothing to do with the holiday.  This is Anni Slywalker.   She never makes it into the blog because she’s so hard to photograph and she doesn’t hang out in the studio, but I caught her on this quilt the other day.


Good news on the destashing efforts.  I finished the Floral quilt, which used 8 yards, and nothing came in.

This week: +0 yards, -8 yards
YTD: +64.75 yards, -101.5 yards
Net stash used 2014: -35.75 yards

So, I’ve used a hundred yards of fabric so far this year, and I’m more than a third of the way to my goal of destashing a hundred yards this year.  Looking good!


I hope you’re spending today doing exactly what you would like, quilty or not.

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2014-05-08 18.02.29


Yuri is delighted with this latest finish, and so am I.  You can have your tiny calico prints.  These are my florals!

2014-05-08 17.59.16


2014-05-08 18.00.40

This quilt is 54″ x 72″, 48 nine-inch blocks, so of course it pieced up in no time.  It’s related to this quilt from last year.  That has solid gray for relief, this does not.  Some people find it to be too much pattern.  I wouldn’t dress like this or anything, but it’s making my happy.  It was not windy for these photos; Yuri is behind the quilt, pushing out the bottom.


2014-05-08 18.00.02

Technically it holds together.  Mostly florals, good variety of scale.  Similar colors, but not completely matchy.  I love how the orange trucks and barns pop on the Madrona Road fabric.  Good value change.


2014-05-08 18.02.04

Without the cat, the quilting shows up well in this late evening light.  I added a second layer of batting under the light, feather quilted areas (Warm and White).  The feathers are done in a peach Living Colors, and the straight lines are old rose Bottom Line, both Superior.  The quilting took much longer than the piecing.


2014-05-08 18.01.36

I like this photo because it shows how much greener everything is than my last finish.  Finally!


2014-05-04 08.55.19


Lastly, I did take this photo of one of my Oriole friends.  They are a lot of fun to watch, but hard to catch with the camera.

Hope you are enjoying spring and having some finishes.  I’m linking up to Finish It Up Friday and Whoop Whoop Friday.

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Sunday Stash and Goals Update: 5/4/14



Hello!  Let me first confess that I did not take this picture.  I tried all morning, but my Baltimore Orioles would not cooperate.  Still, they are fantastically colorful and entertaining at my feeder.  I have seen up to six at a time, and the males are so bright!



I bought three yards of solids on Saturday, but considering that I was actually standing in Fabric Shack, I think that shows amazing will power.  We stopped in Waynesville, OH on the way to the Reds ball game to celebrate my husband’s 60th birthday.  Yesterday was a Derby Party.  Therefore, nothing was finished this week.

This week: +3 yards, -0 yards
YTD: +64.75 yards, -93.5 yards
Net stash used 2014: -27.75 yards


April Goals

1. Quilt gray and yellow quilt.   Finished.  See 1 and 2 here.

2. Make commissioned baby quilt in navy.

3. Make a floral quilt.  No, I didn’t.  I made a beach quilt instead.

4. Design a block for my Slow Quilt.  I’m collecting the fabrics.  Done.


Storm at Sea


Here’s the block I’m using in the Slow Quilt.  It’s a version of Storm at Sea.  Saturday’s purchase was the last of the fabric (I think).


May Goals

1.  Finish bright floral quilt.

2. Make blocks for Slow Quilt.

3.  Donate older baby quilts to Project Linus.

4.  Commit to a small pouch/bag project and gather supplies.


These are not ambitious goals, I know, but they reflect the fact that it is May.  I will be away some, and working on the yard and garden, so I’ll be lucky to accomplish these.

Does anyone know of a site that has taken up this Getting It Done/ Monthly Goals project?  If there’s not, would any of you be interested in linking here?  Please let me know.

I hope you’re all progressing with your Stash and quilting goals.  I’m linking up with Sunday Stash Report at Patchwork Times.


Beach Quilt Finished

2014-04-26 10.14.27 tree

I finished another in the continuing series of beach-themed quilts.  It began in 2010 when I made this quilt for a sick friend, all from stash, I think.  It turned out nicely and was appreciated.  I think the busyness is contained by the dark inner border.  Then, in 2012, I used some of the leftover fabrics plus lots of khaki Kona to make this one.  Obviously, it didn’t use much of the beachy fabric, so I continued.  Last July I made this quilt.  It turned out well, but was a process.  Follow the link in that post to see how I cut lots of squares and then ended up editing about half of them.  So today’s quilt uses many of those edited pieces.



The quilting is with a brown variegated thread from Coats and Clarks and a blue/green variegated Lava from Superior.


2014-04-26 10.12.34

The back is so subtle it doesn’t show in the photos, but it is antique postcards in lovely cream and pale blue tones.

And, never fear, if you don’t like this one, I have scraps left for at least one more!





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