Evening in the Garden Quilts

Adventures in Fabric Art


Sunday Stash Report: 7/28/19

Still working away at Handy Dandy, so no finishes. I bought 1.5 yards of flannel for a baby quilt.

This week: + 1.5 yards, – 0 yards

This year: + 51.5 yards, – 65.5 yards

Net destashed added in 2019: 14 yards

How are you doing with your stash?


WIP Wednesday: Quilting a Little

This week I’ve been working away at quilting Handy Dandy. I’ve been using the walking foot to quilt in the ditch along all the gold diagonal sashing and the rows that go through the centers of all the blocks. Now I need to do the border sashing and baste the edges.

So, after a number of days (short amounts of time each day to spare my shoulders, etc.), it looks as though I’ve done nothing to it. But we know it’s all firmly anchored down and ready for whatever brilliant quilting I decide to do in the blocks, setting triangles and border. Just waiting for that brilliance to strike…

Our weather here has been wonderful, sunny and moderate, so I should make the most of it.

Stay tuned.


Sunday Stash Report: 7/14/19

Heres a little patriotic spirit for you in July!

Not much sewing this week, but no new fabric, either.

I’ve been uninspired to see, but that’s when a simple project like donation blocks comes in handy. I pulled fabric one day, cut and tried out a block one day, cut the rest, sewed two, then three, and, finally chain-pieced the last four in record time. So I have a dozen blocks ready to ship off to Kat for her July/August block drive, using 2.25 yards of fabric. In the process, I also found about 2 yards to dispose of or donate.

This star isn’t very original, but it worked for me this time. They’re super easy, with very few points to match. Also, I have lots of 3.5″ scraps, so a 16-patch star worked well for me. (I see that they look really similar to the ones I made last year, but that was a different construction technique. I made these using sew-and-flip flying geese.)

This week: + 0 yards, – 4.25 yards

This year: + 50 yards, – 65.50 yards

Net destashed added in 2019: 15.50 yards

Are you getting much sewing done this summer?


June/ July Goals

2019-05-30 15.58.42-1

Since it’s the beginning middle of July, I thought I’d report on my goals.  Sheesh!  Well, it’s been hot and humid here, we’ve been working on our house, and we hosted the 4th of July party, and helped entertain out-of-town guests, so those are my excuses.


June Goals:

  1. Make back and binding for Handy Dandy.  Yes.  I had just enough of some bird fabric that’s been hanging around forever.
  2. Baste and begin quilting Handy Dandy.  No.
  3. Make a baby quilt from recent scraps.  Yes, here.

Bonus:  I had enough scraps to make this baby quilt, and this one!

Not bad, really.  And I’ve met part of my general goals of keeping up on photos and clerical stuff.

However, I have no such hopes for (the rest of) July.  We take a lot of day trips, my garden keeps me busy, I’m reading, we’re taking an overnight trip at the end of the month…


July Goals:

  1. Baste Handy Dandy quilt.
  2. Begin quilting Handy Dandy.
  3. Make red, white, and blue star blocks for Kat’s Covered in Love July/August drive.



I hope you’re enjoying your summer!