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Sunday Stash Report


I thought I would finish this quilt this week and be able to count all this fabric I’ve been cutting and sewing, but it didn’t happen. DS was home from college for the weekend, and we also went out with friends, so very little sewing was done. I have quilted stabilizing lines between all the blocks in one direction, but that is all. This week: + 1 yd (more gray), -0 yds. YTD: +102 yds., -176 yds. Net used during 2012: 73 yds. See more Stash Reports at Patchwork Times I’m trying out WordPress on my tablet, in preparation for a long vacation next month. Let’s see how it works.


Work in Progress Wednesday

Not extremely productive here, but we are managing to make some mess.

Where are the Stars?  Under the cutting table for now.  A new project took precidence, so I hope to whip it out quickly this week.

These log cabin blocks are 12″, with 4″ Bahama Blue “chimneys”, islands of calm.

Here is how they go together.  The yellow with the shiny dots is not as electric as it looks here – it is reflecting the light.

I want to quilt something different in each of the center square.  Any ideas?

I’m linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced WIP.

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Sunday Stash Report

A slightly better sewing week, and a little fabric used.  I did buy some, these 3 yards of grays (two Konas and a Bella).  Can’t get much more basic and essential than this, can you?  They will help me use up a beautiful but challenging piece of fabric, eventually.

This week I used one yard to make a commission item, and four yards to make these Christmas door/wall hangings.  (I left the busy border on one, and changed one.)

This week:  +3 yds, -5 yds.

YTD:  =101 yds, -176 yds.

Net used in 2012:  74 yds.

I’m linking up with Patchwork Times.

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Work in Progress Wednesday

Not extremely productive here, but I am working a little.  I, who rarely works on more than one project at a time, have started some Christmas wall hangings, just because I want to see a finish.  Those Stars are going to take forever.  I’m not sure about the modern pear green borders on the right one.  I think I prefer the darker green with metallic stars that I used on the middle one.  What do you think?

I did also sew the last five large stars for Oh My Stars.  Still large pieces, but I like them.

See what others are working on at WIP at Freshly Pieced.

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Sunday Stash Report

Well, I’ve generated a pile of patches and scraps, and done a little sewing, but I can’t record a single finish, so that makes for a very dull report.  I didn’t add any fabric, but a little is on the way.  I hope for great things next week, but I don’t know.  It is so FALL, and I have the urge to preserve things, as well as work on the fall garden.  Also spending some time watching the humming birds before they go away.

Congratulations to @QuiltyGal, at A Quilting Reader’s Garden for making her destashing goal for the year!  I had better get going if I expect to make mine.

This week: 0 yards in, 0 yards used

YTD: +99 yards, -171 yards

Net stash used in 2012: 72 yards.

See more Stash Reports at Patchwork Times

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The Baseball Quilt

This was really a fun little quilt to make, for most of it.  I couldn’t find my templates, but I quickly made new ones using my nifty purple Fiskars circles.  The blocks came together quickly, I liked one of the first arrangements on the design wall, the top and back came together quickly, and the quilting went fine.

Then I washed it.

You like pink baseballs, right?  I was too distressed to take a picture, but, trust me, they were quite pink.  Not the printed ones in the border or back, just the large baseball motifs formed by the Drunkard’s Path blocks.

Fortunately, I looked before I threw the quilt into the dryer.  I washed it again, this time with Color Catchers.  Then again, with Color Catchers and OxiClean.  Whew!  I have white baseballs again.  Thank you, OxiClean.

I know I had prewashed the red fabric with Color Catchers, but I still should have used them to wash the quilt.  I don’t know where my brain was.  And it wasn’t a hand dye as I thought, it was a Nancy Crow print that looked like one.

This quilt doesn’t lie as flat as I would like, and I know it’s because of the uneven amount of quilting, but I’m not sure what I would do differently.  I quilted clam shells all over the field, then stippled the baseballs only.  Then border has stars with stippling around to set them off.  Maybe more, smaller clam shells?

At least it’s not pink anymore.


Work in Progress Wednesday

I have 10 of the 15 large stars finished for Oh, My Stars.  I probably should have used the large size to do something more intricate (I will on the last 5), but I wanted to show some of the large-scale prints before they were cut into unrecognizable bits.

The directions are very good, and she is serious when she suggests using  a scant quarter inch for seams.  I wandered from that and ended up re-making two blocks.  I went with pressing the seams open, which is something I’ve never done in quilt piecing, but I thought it might help with accuracy when I get to the smaller blocks.  So far, so good.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments:  Pam, Jaye, landscapelady, mcquilts, Diane, Angie.  They are appreciated.

I’m linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.

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Simon in the Garden

I’ve had requests to see the whole quilt, so here is Simon in the Garden.  Now you know why I usually use a cropped image-it is wonky!  Every couple of years I block him back into shape, he’s square and flat for about a month, then sags back where he wants to be.  But, hey, I made this in 1993, and I am happy that my work has improved some.  This was a finalist in Quilter’s Newsletter’s contest, “Evening In The Garden”.  You know, back when we mailed in slides to have our work juried in…   The cat is taffeta, there is broderie perse, and quilted 3-D flowers, slightly radical stuff back then.  And all hand quilted- I don’t do that anymore!

I love having Simon’s image around me daily, as he was a truly wonderful cat.

To see more (better) applique, go to Angie’s Applique Thursday page on A Quilting Reader’s Garden (she was so kind to invite me).


Sunday Stash Report

Did I mention that I had a lot of Christmas fabric in stash? To see if I was remembering correctly, I pulled it all out yesterday. Yeah, it’s quite a bit. And when I looked at the fabrics I had pulled last November for the Oh, My Stars quilt along by Sheila at Thought and Found, I had a renewed urge to sew them. I joined last year with good intentions. We all told her it was a busy time of year, and that we might get a little behind, but slowly the blocks and then the quilts appeared on Flickr, and I had not even cut into my fabric. It seems a little early for Christmas sewing, but I think it’s now or never. Nonnie just found this quilt and wants to make one, but I don’t think that influenced me. This has been on my conscience all year. This quilt has many, intricate variations to choose from, especially challenging on the little 4″ stars. I know I won’t have the patience for those. I’ve cut some of the large (12″) stars in the simplest design and will see where I go next.

This week: 0 yards in, 6 yards used (baseball baby quilt)
YTD: +99 yards, -171 yards
Net stash used in 2012: 72 yards.

See more Stash Reports at Patchwork Times

Here I am!


Hello to all you quilty people in the Blogosphere!  I’ve taken the plunge, and it does feel like a major plunge, because I’m not a public person.  I’ve done a lot of new things in the almost two years since I retired, most of them successful, all enlightening, so here I am.  How long or how frequently I end up blogging, we shall see.

The books say that I should have a purpose in mind for a blog (or for any major new project, like this quilting thing), and I have a few vague ones.  First and  foremost, I want to be a bigger part of this quilting community.  I want to link to themed days on other blogs, and to have a site for others to link back to.  I want to share my work in greater detail than twitter or facebook allow.  Eventually, I want host and support my own ideas.  I’m sure I’ll have some after I get going on this.  I want to post charities and contributions I am supporting, and share products and posts I’ve discovered.  I subscribe to lots of blogs, and like them with lots of pictures, so that will be me.  Oh, and I want fabric companies to notice me and mail me luscious new fabric for sewing…  Well, I do.

My header features Simon Kitten (Ohio and Kentucky people should get that) in “Simon in the Garden”, a finalist in Quilter’s Newsletter’s “Evening in the Garden” contest, 1993.  I’d been quilting since about 1976, but that was the first contest I entered, and the last for a long while, because in the winter my son was born.  I only have the one child, but he lives with Asperger’s Syndrome, so our lives have been challenging and busy for many years.  Now he’s off to college, the house is amazingly quiet, and I have no more excuses!

Simon is no longer with us, but I have three other cats (Anni, Krissi, and Yuri) who “helper” me with all aspects of quilting.  They will certainly appear in this space, along with gardening, and current books.  I am fortunate to live in western Ohio where I am surrounded by fresh, local food, so there might be recipes.  But mostly quilts!

Please chime in, let me know that you’re seeing me, what I’m doing wrong, and what I can do better.

Back on Sunday with an actual, properly linked Stash Report!