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Getting It Done in July and August


Well. I did pretty well, considering I was only home the first three weeks of July.  The only thing I didn’t do was finish piecing the top for the Coffee Quilt, and I made a good start on that.  Also, the Log Cabin blocks were a bit of a bonus project.

July Goals

1.  Piece top for SIL Christmas gift quilt. (Six blocks completed.)

2.  Piece top for summer/beachy quilt

3.  Take sewing machine in for service

4.  Quilt beach quilt.

August Goals

1. Finish SIL’s Coffee Quilt top.

2. Quilt Coffee Quilt.

Only two goals in August, because I will only be home to two weeks.  Fair enough?

How did yo do with yours?  It’s okay to play some in the summer.

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Sunday Stash Report: 7/21/13

No fabric came in, and none went out this week.  I finished and arranged the log cabin blocks, ready to sew into a top, and I made decisions and sewed the first six blocks (of twenty-four) for the Coffee Quilt, so there should be some finishes late next month when I return from vacation and retrieve my machine from the “spa” where it’s being cleaned and adjusted.  Now, if I can limit the fabric purchases during the trip, all should be well!

This week:  +0 yards,  -0 yards
YTD:  +111.75 yards,  -171 yards

Net stash used in 2013:  -59.25 yards


I wanted to show you the wonderful vintage lamp I bought last month.  I bought it locally as my friend was closing her shop in town, but you can see more of her great finds in her Etsy shop, Finders Keepers.  This beauty has a very heavy base that no quilt will ever nudge off the table (as they do my plastic Ott Lite).  The first extension is 22″ tall, and the second arm comes out another 12″.  It turns and swivels and pours light anywhere in my studio.  I’m happy.

Good luck on your destashing. Whatever you sew will be more than I will these next four weeks!

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WIP Wednesday: The Coffee Quilt


The log cabins went away so that I could work on one of my few July sewing goals, a Christmas gift.  Judging by how long it took me to make the first half dozen blocks, and how few days I will be home in July, it doesn’t appear that I will achieve this goal, but a start is a start.  At least I’m not waiting till December.


These are nine-inch blocks.  I didn’t want to go larger, but I wanted the larger novelty prints to show, so I altered the block a bit.  I took the Card Trick block on EQ7 and removed the seam where there are now large triangles.  This made the cutting and piecing a little more complex, but I figured out how to do it with just one Y-seam.  After the first one I figured out how to chain piece and press these puppies so they are coming out sharp.  Hope I still remember next month!


Meanwhile, we’re preparing to take a three week trip to Montana and Canada, so I’m trying to tie up loose ends around here:  harvest the garlic and onions, tie up the peppers, plant more edamame, pay the bills, stock fridge for DS, etc.  Oh, and take the sewing machine in for cleaning while we’re gone. I owe it that much.

Question:  Lately I’ve been using photos from my BlackBerry and writing posts on my tablet.  Is the quality or format annoying?  Is it a lot better when I use the real camera and the computer?  Please let me know. You’ll probably be getting the phone photos a lot as I’m traveling, but I could make more of an effort when I return if you think it looks better.


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Design Wall Monday


These heavy twelve-inch cabins don’t want to stay on my wall, and I can barely reach to pin them, even with my stool.  Still, I love the Streak of Lightning set.  I varied the size of the red centers to use up some scraps I had, and I think it adds some interest.  The logs are all in blues and grays, and each has one red or rust log.

Today, back from traveling, I made some final adjustments to the layout and then numbered the blocks with a Crayola washable marker.  Then I climbed up and took them all down and put them away for another time, because it’s not on my July list.  It’s just a scrappy donation top I was working on when I wanted some mindless piecing. I’ll only be home about a week between trips, and I want to try to piece the top for my SIL’s quilt before we head west.


Last week, when we were east, I bought fabric very reasonably at Zook Fabrics in Intercourse, PA.  They have a really large selection, but I stuck with pieces I needed for backs or sashing.  I think they’re beautiful, even if they are a bit muddy.

Are you playing with fabric today?  Hope so!

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Sunday Stash Report: 7/14/13


Greetings from Amish country!  There’s been no sewing at all this week as I’ve been traveling along the Jersey shore and attending a family reunion that we held in Lancaster, PA.  Of course, Lancaster also means fabric shopping. I didn’t go around much, because we all know that I don’t need more fabric, but the prices are very good, especially here at Zook’s.

This week:  +14.25 yards,  -0 yards
YTD:  +111.75 yards,  -171 yards

Net stash used in 2013:  -59.25 yards

Better luck to you on destashing!


I’ll leave you with a photo of a glass iron, made during WWII when metal was in short supply.  I don’t know how well it worked, but it sure is beautiful! I saw it at the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center at Mill ville, NJ.

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Sunday Stash Report. 7/7/13


No new fabric this week, and I used 7.5 yards for the Beach Quilt.

This week:  +0 yards,  -7.5 yards
YTD:  +97.5 yards,  -171 yards
Net stash used in 2013:  -73.5 yards

Good thing I’m doing well, because I won’t be doing any sewing this week.  I’ll just try not to do too much damage in fabric stores.

Good luck on your destashing!

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The Beach Quilt is a Success


Yuri and I are pretty satisfied with this quilt, finally.  I set out to throw some fabrics together for a carefree day at the shore (metaphorically), and it turned into two days of editing, and left me with another pile of fabrics to make into yet another quilt… it never ends.  Fortunately, I ran out and took pictures during the few minutes of dry weather we’ve had lately.


My two favorite things  about this are the embroidered shell batik with gold accents, and the wavy blue quilting.  The shells do have a tendency to come unraveled, so, happily, the blue waves cover them pretty thoroughly and will control that, I think.  The straight lines are in light brown Living Colors thread (40 wt.) from Superior, and the turquoise waves are their New Brites (30 wt.).  I did everything with my walking foot.


My next favorite thing is the back, where I used up some more strings in seven blocks to make a ten inch strip through the tan flower and stem print.  To me this print looked like waving beach grasses, even though there are flowers.


My last favorite is that I had a blue and brown awning stripe that made the perfect binding.


Yuri’s favorite thing is that it makes a great tent when you drape it over an Adirondack chair.

This will be my last finish for a while, as we are heading out Sunday, traveling to New Jersey and Lancaster, PA for the next week.  I look forward to seeing yours instead.

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