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WIP Wednesday: Switching Gears

I’m trying, I’m trying. To sew and to be on here. But it’s hot and my back hurts, so it’s slow going.

I did get into the studio to put some stabilizing walking foot stitching into the large (hot, heavy) mystery quilt. I’m mulling over how I want to quilt it.

Then today I set that aside and made a start on another version of the Rainbow Baby Quilt, since the first one sold from my Etsy shop. I’m using blue in this one. It seems much lighter and more fun to work on baby quilts for a while.

I hope you’re making progress where you want to this week.

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Sunday Stash Report: 6/28/20

Hello! This one bit of fabric came in this week. They’re watching you!

And I finally started sewing again. I can’t count most of this, because its home dec fabric, but the orangey ones are quilt fabric for the linings of two little tote bags.

This is the Sylvie Tote from Sotak Patterns on Etsy. It’s the small size, 10.5 x 13x 2.5″. I had bought this during last year’s delve into tote bags. I added a phone pocket inside and a key leash. It really cleaned up my small home dec scraps. I needed something to carry my mask, water bottle, and towel to the gym, and I made one for a friend.

This week: + .75 yards, – .5 yards

This year: + 53.75 yards, – 78 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 24.25 yards

Keep using your stash!


Sunday Stash Report: 5/24/20

Not much sewing this week. The only finishes were a few masks. I hope I’m done making those. They’re not hard, but they hurt my hands a lot. I did work on cutting scraps, but, again, not easy on the hands. Plenty of other things to do, inside and out!

This week: + 0 yards, – .5 yards

This year: + 53 yards, – 77.5 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 24.5 yards

Sew that Stash! Or just enjoy the season!

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Sunday Stash Report: 5/10/20

Happy Mothers Day!

This week I received 8.5 yard of fabric from Fabric Shack. They are backed up, so it took about two weeks to get my order. Most of it is the feather print for the back to Scrap Fantasy Medallion.

I used 6.5 yards for the two baby quilts I finished this week: Star Wars Geese and Rose Garden.

This week: + 8.5 yards, – 6.5 yards

This year: + 53 yards, – 70.5 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 17.5 yards

I hope you’re sewing today!


Sunday Stash Report: 5/3/20

All my fabric this week comes from Etsy sellers.  Besides helping out fellow crafters, there’s a huge variety of fabrics in one spot.

My only finish was the Rainbow Baby Quilt.

This week: + 5.75 yards, – 3.25 yards

This year: + 44.5 yards, – 64 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 19.5 yards

Wrong direction, I know, but more finishes will be coming up!

Good luck using your stash!


April / May Goals

Happy May, everyone! For me, April had lots of sewing time. I gardened on the sunny days, and sewed on the rainy ones, and I think the rainy ones won out.

April Goals:

  1. Complete Clue #4 for Scrap Fantasy Medallion. Yes. This turned out to be finishing the top.
  2. Make donation blocks for Kat’s March/April Covered in Love drive. Yes. Here.
  3. Cover the cushion for my deck settee. Yes. Here.
  4. Make a top for Beach Quilt #7. Yes, and quilted it.

Bonus: Made parts of several baby quilt tops. Here and here.

And made a bunch of masks.

I have some fabric on order, so I’ve been working on parts of baby quilts while I’m waiting.

May Goals:

  1. Complete Star Wars baby quilt.
  2. Complete Roses baby quilt.
  3. Complete Rainbow baby quilt.
  4. Complete Feather/Owl baby quilt.
  5. Make progress on sandwiching / quilting Scrap Fantasy.

Keep safe, and I hope you find some sewing time!