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Sunday Stash Report: 12/23/18

Probably these will be my last finishes of the year. The bowl cozies are for me, and the pillowcase is for donation. I discovered Halloween fabric beneath the Martha Negley fabric I used for the cozies. I don’t know why I have it, but it will be gone after a few more pillowcases. I was glad to find that I’m not the only one with mysterious little piles of fabric hiding around.

This week: + 0 yards, – 1.5 yards

This year: + 81.25 yards, – 132.25 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: 51 yards

So there’s my goal of 50 yards even if I don’t finish anything else before the end of the year. That makes 500 yards out of my stash in the last seven years!

Have a great holiday until I see you again!

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Sunday Stash Report: 12/2/18

2018-06-29 12892255544..jpg

No new fabric!

I used 2.25 yards of quilting fabric in some gifts this week.


This week: + 0 yards, – 2.25 yards

This year: + 81.25 yards, – 126.25 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: 45.0 yards


Keep on using that stash!

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Sunday Stash Report: 11/4/18

2018-11-04 16.40.20

Finished one quilt this week, and didn’t buy any more fabric.


This week: + 0 yards, – 6.75 yards

This year: + 80.75 yards, – 122.50 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: 41.75 yards


Nibbling away at that yardage!  How about you?


Sunday Stash Report: 9/30/18

In the two weeks since my last report, I’ve completed a quilt completed a quilt using 7.5 yards of fabric.

Also in that time, I purchased 17.25 yards of fabric. Three are large pieces for backings, one is a good binding stripe, and the four greens are just stash enhancement, since I’ve found I’m very weak on greens.

This week: + 17.25 yards, – 7.5 yards

This year: + 80.75 yards, – 105 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: 24.25 yards

One thing to note is that I’ve passed 100 yards of fabric used for the year. My net usage fell, but I have a few projects in the works, so I’m not worried. I still hope to destash 50 yards by the end of the year.

And I sent this quilt from 2017 off to Quilts of Compassion to donate the someone in the Carolinas. I really loved the colors in this, but it didn’t fit in anywhere here. They won’t be transporting them there until late November, so you have lots of time send one if you wish.

Now go sew that stash!

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Sunday Stash Report: 9/16/18

A big finish this week, so the numbers look good!

This week: + 0 yards, – 10.5 yards

This year: + 63.5 yards, – 97.5 yards

Net destashed added in 2018: 34 yards

It’s been hot here, but as soon as it cools off I hope to get to work one of the Christmas panel quilts.

Hope you’re staying safe from the weather, and finding time to use your stash.

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Monday Stash Report: 6/4/18


Last week I finished one baby quilt, using 3.25 yards.

This week: + 0 yards, – 3.25 yards

This year: + 44.25 yards, – 65.25 yards

Net destashed  added in 2018: 21 yards

If I keep this up, I’m on track for using my goal of fifty yards by the end of the year.

How are you doing?

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S…Monday Stash Report: 2/26/18

Yesterday got away from me, between a birthday celebration and the Closing Ceremonies, but it’s been two weeks since I had anything to report, so I wanted to check in.

No fabric was purchased this week, and I had a big finish with the Quilt of Valor.

This week: + 0 yards, – 10.5 yards

This year: + 33.75 yards, – 44.50 yards

Net destashed  added in 2018: 10.75 yards

That’s starting to look a little more into the black!

We don’t count thread purchases, do we?

And I made 96 of these cuties, all trimmed to perfect 2″ squares, for Summer Stars at Fawn Lake.

Keep using your stash!