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Scrap Fantasy Medallion Finish

Yay! I finally finished Charlotte Hawkes’ 2020 mystery quilt! (I can’t find a link to the directions for this; Charlotte opened a new website and I don’t see it there.)

I pieced it January-April of last year, then put off quilting it for any reason I could find. The start of this year’s mystery (“Scrappy 4 Patch Stars“) finally prompted me to finish the old one.

At 84″ square, it just seemed so big. And the center really was a little tricky to reach on my Bernina 440QE. Once I had that done, the rest wasn’t bad.

It did use a lot of scraps. The only thing I purchased was the brown outer border fabric, and the feather fabric for the backing.

I’ll probably donate this eventually. Now on to the next one!


Wrapping Up 2020

I’m having lots of trouble getting organized and setting goals for the new year, but I can wrap up the old one.

Looks like I completed thirty-six projects this past year, not exactly in this order, but close. 

Lots of sloths, rainbows, and Star Wars.  Twelve of these sold in my Etsy shop.  One quilt and all the loose blocks were donated.  And the iconic 2020 masks.

All of this used 136.75 yards of fabric, only 103 yards of which I bought new.  I still have a lot of fabric left in my Stash, but it’s mostly smaller cuts, so I have to buy for borders and backs.  And just for fun!

I’m currently quilting the 2020 mystery quilt by Charlotte Hawkes, and pulling scraps to start her new one.

Take care.

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The Leafy Quilt

The sun came out today, even though it was frosty, so I took the chance to take some photos.

This quilt finished at 54″ x 68″. If you scroll back through posts, you can see how it evolved. Since this was a gift, I bought enough fabrics to make it. Then I changed my mind, put some of the fabrics different places, ran out and replaced them with stash fabrics, etc., etc. Its finally finished.


Sunday Stash Report: 12/27/2020

I hope you’re getting a chance to sew in this time between the holidays. This is an overdue Christmas present, but I wasn’t in a hurry to add it to the load on the USPS, so I’ll wait till I see the recipient. More pictures soon.

This week: + 0 yards, – 8.5 yards
This year: + 103 yards,  – 136.75 yards
Total destashed / added in 2020: 33.75 yards

That’s not as much as I was hoping to destash, but I’m in the black, so I’ll take it. Thank goodness well soon have a new year and can start again!

Take care.


Sunday Stash Report: 12/06/2020

Yes, some fabric was purchased this week, but some was used to complete the Gray and White String quilt.

This week: + 13.5 yards, – 7.75 yards
This year: + 103 yards,  – 128.25 yards
Total destashed / added in 2020: 25.25 yards

And I’m eighteen blocks into a new quilt. Pictures soon!