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Sunday Stash Report, and Rainbow #3

2020-07-19 13.57.46 (1)Here’s that finished Rainbow quilt, made from WoF strips appliqued to the background.  The rainbow wanted to be round, so it is.  I’m sure I’ll make another version of this.  The rainbow is textured from the stretching, but in a nice way.

2020-07-19 13.59.08 (1)


This week: + 0 yards, – 3.25 yards

This year: + 61.25 yards, – 84.5 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020:  23.25 yards


2020-07-19 14.02.18 (1)

This quilt (but not Yuri!) will be for sale in my Etsy shop.


Experimenting with Rainbows

I made the rainbow curve, Sheila! This is probably not the final curve. I’d like it taller and more narrow. And this is definitely not the background fabric. This is just what was on my wall.

I used 2.5″ strips of print and 1.5″ of white WoF. (Oooh, what if I used two 1.5″ strips of color? Twice the gathering!)

I increased my top tension, and stretched each strip as I added it, starting with the dark floral print and working my way down to the blue, letting the one on the bottom ease in. Then I gathered the inside edge of the blue.

It’s a little puckery. Once I finalize the curve, I’ll have to figure out how to stitch it down. I think a little fullness could be nice texture on a baby quilt? I hope so.

Any suggestions?


Sunday Stash Report: 7/12/2020

This week I used 3.25 yards to make a second version of the Rainbow baby quilt that already sold.

No new fabric!

This week: + 0 yards, – 3.25 yards

This year: + 61.25 yards, – 81.25 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 20 yards

Not bad for the middle of the year.

Keep using your stash!


Sunday Stash Report: 7/5/2020

Yes, there was new fabric, but I needed it all.

No finishes, but I worked away and completed this rainbow top, so it will be a finish soon.

This week: + 7.5 yards, – 0 yards

This year: + 61.25 yards, – 78 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 16.75 yards

Keep using your stash!


WIP Wednesday: Switching Gears

I’m trying, I’m trying. To sew and to be on here. But it’s hot and my back hurts, so it’s slow going.

I did get into the studio to put some stabilizing walking foot stitching into the large (hot, heavy) mystery quilt. I’m mulling over how I want to quilt it.

Then today I set that aside and made a start on another version of the Rainbow Baby Quilt, since the first one sold from my Etsy shop. I’m using blue in this one. It seems much lighter and more fun to work on baby quilts for a while.

I hope you’re making progress where you want to this week.