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Getting It Done in July and August


Well. I did pretty well, considering I was only home the first three weeks of July.  The only thing I didn’t do was finish piecing the top for the Coffee Quilt, and I made a good start on that.  Also, the Log Cabin blocks were a bit of a bonus project.

July Goals

1.  Piece top for SIL Christmas gift quilt. (Six blocks completed.)

2.  Piece top for summer/beachy quilt

3.  Take sewing machine in for service

4.  Quilt beach quilt.

August Goals

1. Finish SIL’s Coffee Quilt top.

2. Quilt Coffee Quilt.

Only two goals in August, because I will only be home to two weeks.  Fair enough?

How did yo do with yours?  It’s okay to play some in the summer.

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Design Wall Monday: Editing


My design wall has gotten a workout these last few days.  I took a collection of leftover fabrics from a successful beach themed quilt from a couple years ago and set out to make a different one.  I considered them all to be neutral fabrics, and I made some contrasting rail fence blocks to go with them.  I felt I was on the right track when my DH observed, “That’s not very colorful.”


Unfortunately, there wasn’t much contrast between the rails and the background.  Time to go more neutral.


Hmmm.   More neutral.


Hmmm.  Well.


Here is my finished top.  Obviously, I have quite a pile of rejected patches.  They will need to become something.  This is why we’re never finished making quilts.

I hope you’re playing with fabric today.

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Sunday Stash Report: Progress!

Finally used some fabric!  Well, I’m always using fabric, but I wait until a project is finished to count it.  The Blue and Gold Cabins quilt was all from stash, which tells you something about my stash.  More importantly, it used two rather difficult pieces of fabric.  I loved those wild blue and gold prints when I bought them, but they were on the verge of becoming large (2 yard pieces) stash dogs.  In this quilt, they are not just “okay”, they are perfect for this recipient.  Now they’re happy and I’m happy, and I feel like counting them double, but I won’t.

Recently, Judy was saying that she uses the yardage calculations from her EQ7 designs to calculate stash usage.  Somehow, this hadn’t occurred to me!  I guess I always assumed the estimate would be too high.  I took a look at it this time, compared it with my guesstimate on yardage for the top, and found it to be pretty close (with the large, straight pieces and limited fabrics in this quilt, it was fairly easy to figure).  What about you?  Do you find EQ estimates to be close?  How do you measure your fabric usage?

This week:  0 yds. in, 9.5 yds. used

YTD:  + 102 yds, -185.5 yds.

Net used in 2012:  -82.5 yds.

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