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Sunday Stash Report: 3/29/20

Aren’t these pretty? Just doing my part for the economy.

The Pinwheel quiltused 5.5 yards of fabric.

This week: + 4 yards, – 5.5 yards

This year: + 34.75 yards, – 46.5 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 11.5 yards

Stay home and sew your stash!


Pinwheel Finish

2020-03-26 14.40.58 (1)

This was a quick little quilt for donation.  It’s going to A Mother’s Hope at Margaret’s Hope Chest.  It’s a good cause, and they want small quilts, 40″ x 60″, so these are quick to make up and only take a yard and three quarters for the backing.  (Whoops, on checking the link, I see they want these even smaller, but they haven’t sent any of mine back!)


2020-03-26 14.42.03 (1)

This back is a piece of Alexander Henry fabric I’ve had a looong time.  It’s beautiful, but I never found a use for it, so I designed the quilt for it.  I have something similar in blue/purple, so look for that sometime in the future.


2020-03-26 14.42.33 (1)

The orange is almost the last of my Fairy Frost…

Enjoy your sewing time!


Beach Quilt #6, and Stash

2020-03-22 11.35.47 2

It’s chilly here, but bright, so I snapped some pictures of the new Beach Quilt.

2020-03-22 11.35.56

2020-03-22 11.36.20

You can’t tell here, but the basket weave batik on the back is washed with a bit of aqua.

2020-03-22 11.37.41

2020-03-22 11.39.42

2020-03-22 11.40.33

This will be SOLD in my Etsy Shop.

So that used 6.5 yards of fabric, some that was long in the stash, and I didn’t buy any this week. We’ll see how long that lasts!

This week: + 0 yards, – 6.5 yards

This year: + 30.75 yards, – 41 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 10.25 yards

Take care, everyone, and enjoy your sewing time.

2020-03-22 11.35.47

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Beach Quilts

These blocks were recently on my design wall, and are now assembled into my latest Beach Quilt.

In searching for quilting thread, this cone of Rainbows by Superior seemed way too yellow for this quilt. But I like the sheen, and my machine loves to sew with it, so I gave it a try.

The Twilters on Twitter felt it was just the dash of sunshine I needed.

I’ll show the finished quilt if when the storms clear up here.

Newest, top left corner, oldest, bottom right.

Beach quilts have been popular in my Etsy shop, so I try to keep one there. These are five previous quilts, which I’ve shipped to three coastal states and Denmark. I love to make these- maybe one of these days I’ll keep one!

Take care of yourselves!


Spring Flowers Quilt

2020-03-10 15.46.41

Here we are! I love this quilt! It really says spring to me.

2020-03-10 13.55.04

It started with a panel from FabricUtopia on Etsy. At 25 by 44″, it seemed too large for a wall hanging, so I made it into a throw quilt. I don’t know the name of the flower block. I didn’t use a tutorial, just inprovised it from some photos on line.

2020-03-10 13.55.41

The back is a different green, but I couldn’t resist the birds and roses print.

2020-03-10 13.58.39

It’s quilted front and back with white Bottom Line from Superior. The flowers and butterfly are quilted with Rainbows.

2020-03-10 15.46.54

2020-03-10 14.00.14

This will be SOLD in my Etsy shop!

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Sunday Stash Report: 3/15/20

I hope this finds you all well. Looks like I’ll be using lots of fabric in the next few weeks.

No new fabric, and I used 6.5 yards to make the Spring Flowers quilt. Look for more photos soon!

This week: + 0 yards, – 6.5 yards

This year: + 30.75 yards, – 34.5 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 3.75 yards

Stay in and sew your stash!

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February / March Goals

2020-02-11 10.00.05

No collages today, just a very late report, and a plan for next month.

February Goals:

  1. Donate pillowcases and baby quilts.  Yes, took them to Red Rooster Quilts.
  2. Complete Clue 2 for Scrap Fantasy MedallionYes.  Here.
  3. Make string blocks for Kat’s Jan/Feb Covered in Love block driveYes.  Here.
  4. Make spring wall hangings for my shopYes, I made two pair.  Here and here.

Bonus:  Made blocks for Spring Flowers quilt.


March Goals:

  1. Quilt and bind Spring Flowers Quilt.
  2. Complete Clue #3 for Scrap Fantasy Medallion.
  3. Piece top for new Beach Quilt.
  4. Quilt and bind Beach Quilt.

Sunday Stash Report: 3/8/20

Fabric! Yes, the two on the right are backings for the current and next quilt, so they won’t last long.

The pink flowers quilt has been cheerful for sewing, and is about 2/3 quilted. Look for photos soon!

This week: + 8 yards, – 0 yards

This year: + 30.75 yards, – 28 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 2.75 yards

We’re sewing as fast as we can here!