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Sunday Stash Report and August/September Goals

The good news is that only one quarter yard came in this week!  And I used three and a half yards to remake the Star Wars baby quilt.  Grrr.  A post about that later.  Anyway, I’m moving that stash out a little at a time.

This week:  + .25 yards,  – 3.50 yards
This year:  + 91.75 yards,  – 119.25 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  27.75 yards

PicMonkey Collage

I give myself a C- on this month’s goals:

August Goals

1.  Complete coastal wall hanging.  Almost!  I have it partially quilted.

2.  Work on UFO geometric wall hanging.  No.  Haven’t even looked at it.

3.  Make a top from my new Christmas fabrics.  Looking at these tutorials:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tkm3nCferp4  and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSKQhzZYwFw  from Missouri Star.  Yes!  The top is finished, as well as the back, and ready to be sandwiched.

4.  Source little zippers for earbud pouches.  No.  Kinda lost interest in these, though they are cute.  

2015-08-26 11.22.23

I think I could have finished this list, think I would have, except for the commissioned baby quilt.  Still think I would have, except for having to remake the baby quilt.  And somewhere in there I took a break to make six scrappy blocks for Kat’s August block drive (mine have that blushing batik in them) .  Here is what she’s doing for September.

September Goals

  1.  Finish coastal wall hanging.
  2. Quilt and bind Christmas quilt.
  3. Make a baby quilt from some floral scraps I’ve pulled together, probably D4P.
  4. Work on UFO wall hanging

How are you doing on your sewing goals?  A busy, busy time, but things should start to settle down this month.  Good luck and enjoy!

I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.


Sunday Stash Report: 8/23/15


Five and a half yards of fabric arrived this week, but none was used  (sad trombone).  I did some actual housecleaning, a lot of gardening, and we entertained, but mostly I spent the week dealing with this:


This was the commissioned baby quilt, and I had unfortunately dried it, and was lint- rolling it to photograph and mail off before I noticed the bleed on the back, where the light saber was.  I’ve been dissing the blue Northcott fabric (and it was narrow and frayed a lot), but now I’m starting to think the culprit may have been the silver decorative fabric I used, because that’s the only spot I had a problem.  Also, the OxiClean took all the color out of the silver (more sad music).  I always pre-wash, but, no, I probably didn’t pre-wash that.  Sigh.  Lots of thanks to the Twilters, who were super supportive as I pulled my hair out, suggesting various remedies for the quilt, and liquid remedies for me!

So today I’m starting one all over again.  Eh, its a beautiful day and I have no other commitments.  Sewing is sewing!

This week:  + 5.5 yards,  – 0 yards
This year:  + 91.5 yards,  – 115.75 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  24.25 yards

Hope all of you are making more progress in the right direction!
I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.


Sunday Stash Report: 8/16/15

This week I acquired one yard of fabric, but I used it to complete the Star Wars Baby Quilt ( I’ll post about it later, after the customer recieves it.)

This week:  + 1 yard,  – 3.5 yards
This year:  + 86 yards,  – 115.75 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  29.75 yards

So I’m creeping toward my goal of destashing 50 yards this year.


How are you doing?  I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.

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Sunday Stash Report: 8/9/15


I’ve been sewing up a storm, but the only thing I’ve finished are these six blocks to donate to Kat and Cat Quilts for her block drive.  I love the colors she chose.  About a yard, all acraps.  Some fabric has been acquired, but most will go out on a commision I’m making.

This week:  + 3.5 yards,  – 1 yards
This year:  + 85 yards,  – 112.25 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  27.25 yards

Good luck on your destashing!
I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.