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November/December Goals

PicMonkey Collage11-30Wow, the year is really winding down!  I sewed a lot this month, but didn’t quite complete my goals.

November Goals

  1. Piece the top from the Hashtag blocks when they arrive.  Nope.  This just did not happen.
  2. Bind the scrappy Star Wars baby quilt.  Yes, here.
  3. Catch up on the Droid Quilt Along.  Pretty darn close.  I am ready to make the sashing, then assemble the top.
  4. Make scrappy Maple Leaf blocks for Kat’s November Block Drive.  Yes, here.

In addition to my goals, I made a 60″ x 80″ Baseball quilt, six pillowcases, and a pair of potholders.


December Goals

  1. Finish the Droid Quilt Along quilt.
  2. Make Aggie commissioned quilt.
  3. Make string blocks for Kat’s December Block Drive.
  4. Optional:  Assemble Hashtag quilt top.

Keeping this list short because we may be traveling for a week or so in December.

Hope you accomplished everything you wanted to this month.

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Sunday Stash Report: 11/22/15


Three and a half yards came in this week, backing for an upcoming quilt.  I used a quarter yard for pot holders, and six yards for donation pillowcases.

This week:  + 3.5 yards,  – 6.25 yards
This year:  + 131.0 yards,  – 167.0 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  36.0 yards

Hope you got to sew this week!


The Baseball Quilt


Yuri and I are here to show you the finished Baseball Quilt.  This is for a sick friend who may need a little extra hug to get through till pitchers and catchers report.


The back has a Mets theme, if you can’t see it.


The big 8″ Drunkard’s Path blocks (I made templates from a cereal box!) went together very quickly.  Then came the quilting.  I used dark gray Bottom Line on the top and bottom for most of it.  I stitched in the ditch between all the blocks first, mostly to make sure the baseballs were anchored down.  Then I stippled all the background pieces, and outlined the baseballs.  Finally, I used one of my machine’s decorative stitches (Bernina #23) with red 30 wt. thread to make the stitching lines.  I had to stitch each line twice, once normally, then once in the mirror image.  They’re not as even as I would like, but I think they work.


And here’s Yuri to demonstrate the resulting snugglebility of the finished quilt.




Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday Stash Report: 11/15/15


Eleven and a quarter yards of fabric came in this week, but I’ve used a lot of it.

The blocks for Kat took one yard (of older scraps).


The Baseball quilt took ten and a half yards.  Here’s a picture before I’ve buried my thread ends or washed it.  I’ll do a post on it soon.

This week:  + 11.25 yards,  – 11.5 yards
This year:  + 127.50 yards,  – 160.75 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  33.25 yards

(Corrected 11/21/15.)

Not the right direction, but more use is coming!

I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.


Lots of progress Wednesday


I have lots of projects stacked up, but I’m working away at them and making some good progress.   In a little open spot, I made these six maple leaf  blocks for Kat’s November block drive.  They’re a little repetitive,  but I found I had a ton of triangles in the right size, so in they went.


The next project I’m working on is a quilt for a sick friend.   Unlike most of my projects, I had to order all the fabric for it.  The backing and border fabric came first, so I pieced the backing and cut the borders.  Yesterday the rest of the fabric arrived.  I had to wash the darks four times before the Color Catchers came out clean.  Today I sewed 54 blocks drunkards path blocks.  Yes, it’s a baseball quilt. 

Hope you’re doing well in all your projects.  

I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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Sunday Stash Report: 11/8/15


The numbers are going to be spinning backwards for a while, but I’m confident they will come out okay by the end of the year.  I’m in the midst of several large quilts that have to be done by Christmas, so the yardage will just come flying out again.  You’ll see.

This week I made good progress on the Droid Quilt Along blocks (I had fallen behind), but the only thing finished to count out was the Scrappy Star Wars Baby quilt, three and a half yards.

Six yards came in (but more is on the way…).

This week:  + 6 yards,  – 3.5 yards
This year:  + 116.25 yards,  – 149.25 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  33 yards

How are you doing?  We still have lots of time before Christmas!  Mmmhmmm.
I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.


Star Wars Scrap Quilt

IMG_2485I haven’t yet made any blocks for the Droid Quilt Along at The Stitch TV Show, but I got all excited before the directions came out and made the back for it.  That left me with just a few scraps that I had to make into another baby quilt, just because.

IMG_2489This was my first time making the wonky stars.  They are easy enough, but not as quick as I thought.  I like them, though.  They are made entirely from pieces from my 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ bins.  The different grays give some dimension.

IMG_2486I quilted all the plain blocks with wonky stars.  I was set to use decorative thread, but then decided that I wanted the shadows to do all the work, so the whole thing is quilted, top and bottom, with Superior’s Bottom Line in white.

IMG_2488The back is made from some multi-tone chevron fabric that wasn’t wide enough.  I made the zig zag insert using blocks I had miss-cut on those other elephant/SW quilts.

IMG_2496This is headed to my Etsy shop.  If you haven’t seen all the Star Wars baby stuff on Etsy, go look.

2015-11-02 09.32.09


Sunday Stash and October/November Goals

2015-08-26 11.22.23 pm


Well, no fabric in, and I did complete a commissioned baby quilt (same as the one above, with purple accents for a girl), so the stash is creeping in the right direction.

This week:  + 0 yards,  – 3.5 yards
This year:  + 110.25 yards,  – 145.75 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  35.5 yards


October Goals

  1.  Piece and quilt Boxed Elephant baby quilt commission.  Yes!  Here it is.
  2. Quilt and bind Gold and Turquoise quilt.  Yes!  Turned out great.
  3. Piece top from Twilter Hashtag blocks.  No, I was confused about this, and we won’t even get our blocks until this month.  Instead I started the Droid Quilt Along on The Stitch TV Show.  Have I kept up with it?  No.  But the back is made!
  4. Make new baby quilt with elephant scraps.  No, there were no useful scraps from this.  But I’m almost finished with a baby quilt made from the scraps from my Droid quilt backing.  And I did that new Star Wars commission baby quilt.

As you see there are a couple of “no, but”s in there, but I’m mostly pleased with what I accomplished.  Just have to get on that Droid quilt.

November Goals

  1. Piece the top from the Hashtag blocks when they arrive.
  2. Bind the scrappy Star Wars baby quilt.
  3. Catch up on the Droid Quilt Along.
  4. Make scrappy Maple Leaf blocks for Kat’s November Block Drive.

I notice there are no Christmas projects in there.  I may not make many homemade gifts, but I have a few vague ideas, so we’ll see.  There’s still loads of time, right?

Hope you’re progressing on all of your stuff!  I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.