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Sunday Stash Report: 11/24/19

Back in the black! Yes, I did buy this piece of leaf fabric, after looking at it on Etsy for a couple months. It’s not for any particular project, I just really like it.

The commissioned Cardinal Christmas Quilt used 6.75 yards.

This week: + .5 yards, – 6.75 yards

This year: + 90.5 yards, – 95.75 yards

Net destashed added in 2019: 5.25 yards

Keep using your stash, and have a Happy Thanksgiving, my US friends.


Christmas Cardinal Finish

2019-11-21 09.36.59

It never rains but it pours, so I managed to get two quilt commissions in the same week.  This throw is the smaller, and it needed time to travel, so I pushed and got it made before we travel for Thanksgiving.  It’s now winging its way to Germany.  It was a dull day yesterday when I took these photos, so it doesn’t really sparkle like it should.

2019-11-15 16.41.18-1

This is a requested second rendition of this quilt, which I made late last year, and which sold last month.  The cardinals, backing, and binding are the same, and I came pretty close on the gold snowflakes and the poinsettias.  In fact, I think I like the snowflake border better, though it lacks some of the busy-ness energy of the first fabric.

2019-11-21 09.38.15

This is quilted with Glitter, New Brites, Rainbows, and Bottom Line from Superior Threads.

2019-11-21 09.37.35

I used Pellon 50/50 batting for the first time.  It was easy to work with, but I don’t think it gave the quilting much definition.  I guess I should have read my own post to see what I used last time.

Now it’s back to the Louisville Cardinal quilt, and some holiday baking.  Good luck with your finishes.

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Sunday Stash Report: 11/17/19

The fabric’s been flowing in here for the two commissioned quilts I’m making. 6.5 yards came in.

Lots of sewing is happening, but no finishes yet.

This week: + 6.5 yards, – 0 yards

This year: + 90 yards, – 89 yards

Net destashed added in 2019: 1 yard

Yes, it’s back in the red, but we’re working as hard as we can here!

I hope you’re getting a chance to sew.

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Sunday Stash Report: 11/10/19

I’m still pecking away on this, and ready to begin a couple of commissions, so I have no fabric usage to report.

Meanwhile, the fabric is rolling in for the commissions.

This week: + 9 yards, – 0 yards

This year: + 83.5 yards, – 89 yards

Net destashed added in 2019: 5.5 yards

Have a great week!


October / November Goals


Happy November!  It’s crisp and sunny and leaf-covered here, perfect quilting weather (after I get the garden cleaned up and put away!).

October’s quilting was a mixed success.  I really like the String Ornaments quilt that I just planned to start, but had to finish.  Handy Dandy, on the other hand…  I think I’m just bored because every block is quilted the same way.  Whatever the reason, I put it off and put it off, until I finally got it out and quilted one row of blocks.  (Thank you to the Twilters on Twitter for all your encouragement!)  Then I spent a week very sick and couldn’t quilt at all, so there went the month.  I’ll keep it out and try to get back to it between tasks this month.


October Goals:

  1. Make donation blocks for Kat’s September/October block driveYes!  I made a dozen and mailed them.  See above.
  2. Finish quilting Handy DandyUm, no.  I got it out and quilted one more row of it, but there’s a lot more to do.
  3. Bind Handy Dandy.  No.
  4. Begin a Christmas scrap quilt.  Begun and finished!  Once I started, I couldn’t stop on this one.


November will begin with a commission quilt, and then I’ll see what else I can find time for.

November Goals:

  1. Design, communicate, and order fabrics for Louisville commission quilt.
  2. Piece top for Louisville.
  3. Quilt and bind Louisville.
  4. Pull fabrics, begin cutting for Charlotte’s new mystery.
  5. Work on Handy Dandy.


As far as I know, I’m not sewing anything for Christmas, but who knows?


2019-10-31 12.29.58-2.jpg

Good luck on your goals!