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WIP Wednesday: Birds on Their Way


I didn’t sew any today (so far), but I did package up these Birds in the Air blocks for the Twilters! block exchange and take them to the Post Office.  Thank you, Tina!


I used pieces from a floral remnant collection I got years ago from eQuilter.  Most were the perfect size to cut one strip to make five blocks, leaving behind a string or nothing, so I busted these right outta my stash.  Most of them were very large florals, and I like how they turned out.  (The red, green, gold on black is not Christmas, it’s an Asian fabric with red chrysanthemums.)


Missing from this photo is the red geranium fabric.  I was neatly stacking these when I realized I only had 35 blocks instead of the 40 I had made.  I searched for several minutes before I found them hiding on a quilt where I’d been signing them.  Nice try!

Hope you’re making progress!


Sunday Stash Report: 1/24/16


I’m pretty sure I won fabric acquisition this week.  Twenty-eight and a half yards of fabric arrived on my doorstep.  I know.  Some I ordered last week from Fabric Shack, and some I ordered from eQuilter in December (it was a huge sale and they got behind).  This is Krissi modeling the eQuilter box.  She prefers the smaller thread box.

Much of this fabric is for backs, and I very much need it.  Some is for future baby quilts.  All was a great bargain.


I had hoped for a finish to offset the new fabric (ha, ha, that would be some finish!), but I’m not quite done with the Hashtag quilt.  It’s quilted now, I just need to bind it.  (I’ll only be able to count the backing and binding, anyway.)

This week: + 28.5 yards,  – 0 yards
This year: +38.5 yards,  -12 yards
Net destashed added in 2016:  26.5 yards

Now you all feel better about your numbers!  I’m linking up to Judy’s Report at Patchwork Times.


Constructing Some Baby Quilts

Between Christmas and New Years I found three pieces of great kids’ construction fabric on deep sale at eQuilter, and I couldn’t resist.  I kept the patchwork to a minimum so I wouldn’t spoil these wonderful prints.

Here’s one:

2014-03-18 08.40.06

2014-03-18 08.41.19

2014-03-18 08.40.28

The very orange accent quilting was with Superior’s New Brites (30wt.)

And this is the other:

2014-03-18 08.42.37

2014-03-18 08.43.13

2014-03-18 08.42.49

The new thing I learned to do on these was to make a binding with a flange, all one piece, finished by machine.  It was easy to do, and I love the effect.  It took about twice as long as a regular binding, but was a lot quicker than finishing by hand (as if I do that!).  I thought these simple quilts could use the extra detail.  I lost the link that was shared on Twitter, but here’s one very similar.   Nadine of DreamWeavers Quilts shared a link to a tutorial at Fresh Off the Frame.  I cut my accent strip 1 3/4″ wide.   I also had better results trimming the seam allowance after I joined the two colors together.  It pressed and handled better for me.  By the second one I felt like a pro.  I’ll definitely use this again.

2014-03-18 08.45.58

I had a lot of fun with these two little quilts.  They’re for sale in my Etsy shop.

Hope you’re enjoying your finishes!  I’m linking up to TGIFF.



Sunday Stash Report 1/27/13


Another good week, stash-wise, with a quilt (11.5 yds.), and pillowcase (1 yd.) completed.

I did purchase fabric on Saturday which will change the count in the next week or so, but it was planned and practical. I bought several Kona blues (after realizing how little I had for the QOV), and several good lengths on sale for backings. I like a pieced backing, but not always, and not one that looks thrown together. It’s nice to fondle fabric before purchasing, but I’ve never been disapointed by anything I bought from eQuilter. Their photography and descriptions are wonderful.

This week: +0 yds., -12.5 yds.
YTD: +0 yds., -34.5 yds.
Net stash used in 2013: 34.5 yds.

How are you doing on your destashing?

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