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Sunday Stash Report: 7/9/17

2017-07-08 11.53.58You know all that progress I had been making on destashing?  It went out the door this week.  I guess it could have been worse, since I was shopping at the fabulous Fabric Shack.  And they’ve just opened a new annex..  So I limited myself to these…17…yards.

I went for a few basics (the best prices on Kona solids), but also found the sale fabrics at the bottom of the photo for backs to a couple of current projects.  They’ll all get used pretty soon.  And I have half the year left to reduce my stash!

This week:  + 17 yards,  – 0  yards
This year:  + 74.25 yards,  – 79.25 yards
Net destashed added in 2017:  5 yards

2017-06-27 18.42.32Here’s a photo for you, in case you have too much color in your life.  Either it’s raining cats around here, or Yuri hopes he’s camouflaged while waiting for a chipmunk to come by.

Good luck on sewing up your stash!

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Sunday Stash Report: 10/2/16

Absolutely no sewing is going on here, but I was able to order fabric!  While lazing around, I conceived of a Christmas quilt using wonky stars of red and green fabric against a background of grays/neutrals (see yesterday’s post).

Other than the Grunges, this fabric was on a great sale at Fabric Shack.  The large piece has a larger print of faint green and gray snowflakes.  It’s a delicious batch of neutrals.  And I think I have a related piece of gray and cream “Glisten” (the ornaments) upstairs in the Stash.

This week:  + 9 yards,  – 0 yards
This year: + 86.25 yards,  – 123.75 yards
Net destashed in 2016:  37.50 yards

It’s in the washer now, and then I’ll be petting it for a while until it can star cutting.

How are you doing?  I’m linking up to the Stash Report at Patchwork Times.


Sunday Stash Report: 5/8/16

Okay, some fabric was purchased this week!  Five yards.  But here’s the story. DH and I were out shopping and dining, and found ourselves seven miles away from Fabric Shack on the evening they stay open late. 


What would you have done?  I think it’s amazing I only bought four yards of Kona white and a yard of black Grunge.  I did look around a lot at possibilities for finishing some of my current projects, but restrained myself from buying any.


I’ve been using up my white on these Twilters! exchange blocks.  I made ten more this morning, for a total of twenty, so I’m half way there.  I’ll count them out when I mail them off.

So the only fabric out this week is .75 yards for the eight blocks I sent to Kat.

This week:  + 5 yards,  – .75 yards
This year: + 53 yards,  – 71.5 yards
Net destashed in 2016:  18.5 yards

Hope you’re keeping your purchases under control and really using that stash.  Happy Mother’s Day!


  This picture is from two years ago, but I like it.

I’m linking up to the Stash Report at Patchwork Times.


Sunday Stash Report: 1/24/16


I’m pretty sure I won fabric acquisition this week.  Twenty-eight and a half yards of fabric arrived on my doorstep.  I know.  Some I ordered last week from Fabric Shack, and some I ordered from eQuilter in December (it was a huge sale and they got behind).  This is Krissi modeling the eQuilter box.  She prefers the smaller thread box.

Much of this fabric is for backs, and I very much need it.  Some is for future baby quilts.  All was a great bargain.


I had hoped for a finish to offset the new fabric (ha, ha, that would be some finish!), but I’m not quite done with the Hashtag quilt.  It’s quilted now, I just need to bind it.  (I’ll only be able to count the backing and binding, anyway.)

This week: + 28.5 yards,  – 0 yards
This year: +38.5 yards,  -12 yards
Net destashed added in 2016:  26.5 yards

Now you all feel better about your numbers!  I’m linking up to Judy’s Report at Patchwork Times.

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Sunday Stash Report: 10/11/15

2015-10-09 14.22.57Ah, fabric was purchased this week, but it’s okay.  It’s for the Droid Quilt Along taking place over at The Stitch TV Show.  Cutting directions start tomorrow, and the quilt will be finished in time for Christmas.

DroidQAL-Badge-e1444263545143This stack for the quilt (plus some aqua and extra white I needed) is from the Fabric Shack. They are open late on Thursday evenings, so DH and I motored down there, and also ate at the Stone House Tavern, on the deck, with live music.  Yes, I’m that devoted to quilting.

2015-10-04 15.47.56I have made good progress on the Turquoise and Gold quilt, but I still have to bind it.  The only finish this week is eighteen foundation pieced string blocks for Kat’s October block drive.  I was going to make twelve, but I still had strings left out from my pull, so I made six more.  Very difficult to go completely scrappy, but I did it.

This week:  + 17 yards,  – 3.75 yards
This year:  + 110.25 yards,  – 134.75 yards
Net fabric destashed  in 2015:  24.50 yards

No worries.  I’ll make my goal and then some.  Hope you’re making good progress toward your goal.

I’m linking up to Judy’s report at Patchwork Times.


Sunday Stash Report: 7/6/14


Beware of a Stash Report that opens with a fabric store sign!  Yes, some was added, but it was blacks, whites, and some sale fabrics for a backing.  No apologies.  You don’t expect me to pass Waynesville, Ohio without stopping, do you?


These zippers for future pouches came in the mail yesterday.  Almost as pretty as fabric, but I don’t have to add them in. They came frome Zipperstop.com, a link I believe I got from Jaye.


On the minus side, I put together ten tissue covers last night, using half a yard of scraps.  I never made them before (I think Benta inspired me), but they were simple, quick, and fun.  I used this tutorial.  I feel this may really be the last bit of Mirror Ball Dot, at least in the lime/teal colorway.  I think.

Also, I took a page from Judy’s book, and cut up half a yard of old stuff for plant ties.

This week: +9 yards, -1 yard

YTD: +73.75 yards, -134 yards

Net stash used 2014: –60.25 yards

Good luck with your destashing!
I’m linking up with Sunday Stash Report at Patchwork Times.