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Design Wall Monday: Editing


My design wall has gotten a workout these last few days.  I took a collection of leftover fabrics from a successful beach themed quilt from a couple years ago and set out to make a different one.  I considered them all to be neutral fabrics, and I made some contrasting rail fence blocks to go with them.  I felt I was on the right track when my DH observed, “That’s not very colorful.”


Unfortunately, there wasn’t much contrast between the rails and the background.  Time to go more neutral.


Hmmm.   More neutral.


Hmmm.  Well.


Here is my finished top.  Obviously, I have quite a pile of rejected patches.  They will need to become something.  This is why we’re never finished making quilts.

I hope you’re playing with fabric today.

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Design Wall Monday: A Nautical Feel


Here is the baby quilt top I worked on over the weekend.  I had previously made a nautical baby quilt and really enjoyed it.  I purposely did not look back at pictures of the last one.  I took the tiny bit of leftover stripe fabric I had, put it with some red and blue canvas print, yellow, clouds, and really old (1996!) water print.  I just started cutting 4 1/2″ squares and 4 7/8″ squares to make into HSTs, and used the tiny scraps to make some four patches.  I like all the strong diagonal lines.  This measures 36″ x 44″ and uses 99 blocks.


Sail 1500

And here is the one I made last year.  Turns out I used 180 3 1/2″ blocks for it.  Also, I included lots of white, so it has a lighter look.  I like them both.

Have you been playing with fabric?

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Design Wall Monday: D4P



Today’s fabrics aren’t even on the design wall yet.  I spent time today repairing the damage to my fabric closet after The Great Stash Cave In.  The problem was the extremely close quarters inside the closet.  There is not enough space to pull the baskets straight out to remove them from the frames.  And I have some backings hanging in there.  And packing boxes.  And I was in there.  So that was an ordeal.




But while I was at it I pulled several older, floral fabrics that I do not wish to see anymore.  They are lovely, and perfectly good quality.  I once was obsessed with tulip fabric.  I collected quite a bit, and made one of my nieces a twin sized quilt using a lot of it.  But I still have a lot left.  And I’m just not as into it.  So I want this to become my next donation quilt.  Perhaps someone else can indulge a tulip obsession.  Or at least keep warm.

My concept at the moment is to do a Disappearing Four Patch that transitions gradually from one fabric to the next as it goes across the quilt.  I’m still working out how to do that, but I think I’ve settled on the fabrics.  The florals and the pink are definite.  I’m reluctant to include my wonderful green Grunge because I like it so much, but that’s silly, isn’t it?  I bought it to cut up and sew into quilts.  I just want to use it and keep it, too, like cake.  But it wants to be in this quilt, so I will probably use it.  I think.


Are you playing with fabric today?


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Design Wall Monday: Strings!


Yesterday I made forty 6″ string blocks, and I am in love with the colors.  No, I can’t tell a difference in my string baskets.  What is up with that?  but I like to sew string blocks, and I always feel I’ve created something from nothing.  I’m sashing them with Kona White, and using this nice gray and white Kaufman leaf print for the borders.  This will make a throw size, 50″ x 74″.

Are you playing with fabric today?

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A Finished Baby Quilt, and a Back to Piece


On my design wall I have the orphan blocks and taupey fabric I to use to piece the back to the blue and orange donation quilt.  I see one of the larger ones needs to be turned.   Returning to this after time off makes it a little better, though backings are still not my favorite.


2013-05-19 10.25.49-1

On Saturday I finished the aqua and gray HST baby quilt, and it makes me very happy.  I really enjoyed doing the quilting on it.

2013-05-19 10.26.03

The gray zigzags and the print feathers have an extra layer of batting under them for a gentle trapunto effect.


The back is gray, white, and yellow.  The gray and yellow look brown in photos, but in person it’s a good match to the front.

2013-05-19 10.28.38

This quilt is 36″ x 42″, my favorite baby size, made from 168 3″ blocks.

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On My Design Wall


I’m working today on this baby quilt using a very intense print that appears as a textured hand-dye.  The other fabrics are a gray with white dots and a white with gray dots.  I’m definitely still turning the blocks to decide where the “spikes” of color should go.  This will get diagonal straight line quilting.  Then I’m binding it with the bright print.

Are you playing with fabric today?

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Design Wall Monday: Boston


I got on board with this late, but I decided to send a flag to Boston for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild’s initiative, To Boston With Love.   I don’t belong to a guild, and their project was aimed mainly at guilds sending in bunches of these flags, but individuals can participate.  I didn’t really understand the concept when it first came around, but now I think it will be a spectacular sight, and I’d like to contribute.  I really wish I had gotten in gear earlier, because I would have coordinated a group effort from our “Twilter” group of quilters on Twitter, and sent those in as a group.  Anyway.


Yes, that’s a reject piece from my fabric bleaching.  I don’t have it arranged correctly yet, but I think it will make a fine background for my rainbow heart.  And, yes, that’s a strip of orange “Fairy Frost” in there.  You can’t get more cheerful than that.  This will only take me a few minutes when I sit down and get serious about it.  Lots of color for a little time.


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