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D4P in Progress



I could never make this Disappearing Four Patch quilt without a design wall, or at least a floor, and my knees are very glad that it’s a wall.  I’ve been making a few more blocks each day and moving them around a lot.  Today I’ll make two more of the darkest blocks, and I think I’m there!


As I’ve pieced these, I’ve not only used my new leaders and enders project, but I’ve webbed the patches, rather than snipping the connecting threads between sections.  I’ve heard about this before (Bonnie shows this when assembling blocks in a quilt), but never tried it.  Doing the blocks this way kept the patches correctly oriented and saved me a lot of time putting pieces back where they should be.  And between the two techniques, I have eliminated the thready mess I usually have going on when piecing!

How do you quilt your D4P quilts?  I’m pondering.  I may not have to mark this one, but here are some great ideas for marking from Nadine at Fabric Bias (formerly DreamWeavers Quilts).

Hope you’re making all the progress you wish!  I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


Design Wall Monday: Sultry Quilt


I finished the quilt top made from a broken layer cake of Moda’s Basic Grey “Sultry” plus some pink (Candy?) and Azure Kona.  The  border has some Kona Snow, some Grunge,  some kind of white-on-white from my stash and Sultry yardage.  This is honestly the only layer cake I’ve ever bought (in 2010), and I’m not in a hurry to buy more.  It was irresistibly beautiful in the shop, but really there are just too many prints and colorways to look good in most quilts.  There are some funky little 4-patch units in here left from my first attempt to use this fabric.  I have no idea where I was going with that, but I stuck them in here.  This came from a shop called Threadbear in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  It was a really great shop with tons of modern fabric, and I remember spending a lot of money there.  Unfortunately, I don’t find any information for them past 2011, so I’m afraid my purchases weren’t enough to keep them afloat.  Does anyone have any info about Threadbear?


Here are fabrics I auditioned  for binding.  I chose this aqua and brown Alexander Henry print.  Wow, is it ever finely wovern and crisp!  Fun to work with, and I have just enough.


I don’t usually mark the quilting design before I sandwich, but I felt like it this time.  I’ve really written all over this.  Thank goodness for Crayola Washable Markers.

What’s on you design wall?

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Design Wall Monday: Pillow Covers


Using strings to make some Springtime pillow covers for living room pillows.  Yes, they look a lot like the Christmas ones in different colors, but I really like those.  So much so that they are still on the pillows…my last vestige of Christmas.  Also, my strings continue to overflow their containers.  I can’t tell the difference after pulling the strings for these six covers, but it has to be helping.

Doesn’t it?

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Design Wall Monday 2/4/13


I designed and pieced this top yesterday during the Sports Ball Sew In on Twitter #sbsi .  If you don’t tweet with us, you’re missing the fun.  I’m at @scooquilt .


Here’s a better look at the fabrics.  There are two by Kaffe Fasset, one by Phillip Jacobs, and another that just says Rowan Fabrics.  The grays are a Kona and a Stella.  They’re all from my stash.  The giant HSTs are 9″ to show off the large scale florals.  I’m not sure if the photos show how nummy these fabrics are, but they are making me very happy.

Have you been playing with fabric?

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Design Wall Monday: QOV


I have 35 blocks ready for today’s MLK Day Sew In (#mlkdsi on Twitter). Please join us! It’s nice to have company sewing. Company for whom you don’t have to dress up or clean up!

I’m auditioning this border fabric, which I really want to use. However, it’s looking awfully busy, and the sides have to be pieced with the blue because I don’t have enough of the mountains. I will stare at it as I put the field of blocks together this morning. Don’t be surprised if this has different borders next time you see it.

Hope you’re able to sew today.

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