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Getting It Done in October and November

Yes, I am sewing more than I was at the end of summer.  But there is gardening, and canning, and…things.  I guess from here on in, we’ll be talking holidays.  For instance, I will be gone a week in November.  And December, well.  I think winter, January thru March, is the most productive sewing time of the year.  But I do know that setting these goals every month has made me as productive as possible.  I really keep them in front of me and try to achieve them, just to share them with all of you.  And not look like too much of a wuss.

October Goals

1. Piece and quilt Oh My Stars throw quilt for shop. (almost finished piecing…backing and batting are pieced…)

2. Piece and quilt OMS throw quilt for myself. ( Pieced and partially quilted.)

3. Step 2 of Scrapitude Mystery Quilt

4. Several Xmas wall hangings for shop

November Goals

1. Finish quilting my throw quilt from the Oh My Stars quiltalong.

2.  Finish piecing and quilting OMS throw for my shop,

3.  Finish piecing scrappy red, blue, gray cabin top (Quilt of Valor?)

4.  Piece aqua and gray chevron lap quilt for shop.

5. Step 3 of Scrapitude Mystery Quilt


In my defense, the Christmas wall hangings were paper pieced, and took a while.  Also, I threw in a little impromptu wall  hanging this  week for my friend who just opened a new bread and vintage clothing shop. (Yeah, breads and threads…!  And she follows The Grateful Dead).  It was very experimental, new materials, bobbin work, tulle, etc.  And, I’m rather proud of it.   So it’s not all just leaf drives and composting here.  I am sewing…

How are you doing with your goals?  It’s okay if you’re a little behind.  🙂

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Two Finishes











Here are two little baby quilts I finished yesterday.  Both are aqua and gray, very popular colors.











I finally got these log cabin blocks oriented correctly.  You might have said something after Wednesday’s post, or did you think it was something artsy I was doing?  I found two to fix after that post, but I didn’t see the last block till I had it sandwiched.  Fortunately, it was in a corner, so it wasn’t too bad to un-sew and re-sew.  If you spot a problem now, please don’t tell me.




















This one with the chevrons was more of a minty aqua, and hard to photograph.  I like it, though, and I had fun doing the feathers.  I even remembered to add extra batting to the gray areas when I sandwiched it, so the feathers pop more.  The odd triangles are seersucker, and the texture is  great.


I like the flying geese backing.

These are smaller than I usually make, 30″ x 36″, which I still think is a useful size.  Usually, mine are around 36″ x 42″.  What do you think is the ideal size for a baby quilt?

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A Finish on the Nautical Baby Quilt


Here is the finished Nautical baby quilt.  I just love using my shed for photos, I think it looks so artsy.  The light is good there, too, as long as I don’t let the morning get away from me.


I wish I had water around here for photographing.  I considered taking it over to our little reservoir and draping it over someone’s sailboat, but I refrained.

IMG_1783 A

Thank you to my friends who commented as I was working on this!  Sometimes I just don’t get back to you, but those are the times when I especially appreciate the encouragement.  This community is so great for that.  Yes, this was freeing and fun to work on, and I’m so glad to know it evokes sailing when you see it.  Here is another little quilt on the same theme that I really love.  It’s a wall hanging by Kat of Kat and Cat Quilts.  Wouldn’t both of these look great in the same nursery?


The backing is an ABC print with the letters made from rope!


I quilted it with Bottom Line (60 wt.) between all the blocks, then went back and did a grid of lines in bright yellow Sew Fine (30 wt.).  I liked the yellow thread.  It doesn’t have any sheen, which seemed appropriate for this quilt.

I wanted something “ropey” for the binding, but didn’t come up with anything, so I used more of the blue canvas print, and I’m happy with it.


As always, I had plenty of help with both the quilting and the photography.


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Design Wall Monday: A Nautical Feel


Here is the baby quilt top I worked on over the weekend.  I had previously made a nautical baby quilt and really enjoyed it.  I purposely did not look back at pictures of the last one.  I took the tiny bit of leftover stripe fabric I had, put it with some red and blue canvas print, yellow, clouds, and really old (1996!) water print.  I just started cutting 4 1/2″ squares and 4 7/8″ squares to make into HSTs, and used the tiny scraps to make some four patches.  I like all the strong diagonal lines.  This measures 36″ x 44″ and uses 99 blocks.


Sail 1500

And here is the one I made last year.  Turns out I used 180 3 1/2″ blocks for it.  Also, I included lots of white, so it has a lighter look.  I like them both.

Have you been playing with fabric?

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Sunday Stash Report: 6/16/13


Happy Father’s Day!  I did skip last week’s report, because I hadn’t added any fabric or used any (I don’t count till I have a finish.)  Also, I am dismally behind on all of your blogs and podcasts, so that would be why you aren’t receiving any comments or encouragement from me.  I’m with you all in spirit!

This was a good week, because the Tulip Quilt used 10.5 yards, and I used 2 more for a pair of pillowcases.  All that tulip fabric is very nearly gone, but there are strings… Hmm.  Log cabin?  Sometimes it seems as though we never use it all up.

This week:  +0 yards,  -12.5 yards

YTD:  =83.5 yards,  -157 yards

Net stash used in 2013:  -72.5 yards


How are you coming with your stash reduction?


I have a new project coming up as I will soon receive a package of baby clothes to use in a commission quilt and pillow cover.  Do any of you have any experience doing a quilt like this?  Know any links to nice memory projects like this?  The client and I have communicated about the design, but I’d like to see lots of ideas.


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The Tulips are Finished!


All done!  And successful.  I have to say that this is one of those quilts that I saw in my mind’s eye and was able to create the vision from fabric.  Yes, I got tired of looking at the pink, but it was the right choice.  I did use my design wall a lot, really changing around the position of the blocks, and enlisting input from the Twilters, but in the end I think it became a rich and inviting quilt.


I think the two tulip prints worked together because they are the same scale and use different values of the same colors.


The extra blocks and the rest of the lighter tulip fabric went on the back.  I did a really good job using up all of these two fabrics but for a few scraps.  My stash feels lighter.


This is quilted in all the ditches with Bottom Line thread.  I did do the accent quilting with pale green King Tut, but I decided to mark it with wavy lines through every row of squares and quilt those lines with the walking foot.  I have two of these June Tailor rulers for various sizes of curves and scallops, and I use them a lot.


Are you aware of how many shades of green fabric do not match this quilt?  I have two drawers of green fabric, and almost none of it was suitable for the binding.  I finally combined two pieces that look very similar, one darker than the other.  It doesn’t really look scrappy,  just shaded.


I used a label cut with a little extra space at the bottom to write a message when I donate this quilt.  (Note to Universe:  no new disasters are needed just because I have a new quilt ready to donate.)

What did you finish this week?

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WIP Wednesday: Still Tulips


I thought I was at the point of auditioning thread for some accent quilting on this garden of tulips, but not so.  The quilt insists that I stitch in every ditch, so I’m going back to do that.  Straight line quilting may be fairly easy, but does it ever take time!  When I do get the ditch quilting finished, I think I will use this light green King Tut (40 wt.).  It’s tempting to try something special on the plain green Grunge areas, but everything else is the busy prints and it would be wasted.  So, more straight lines.  Someone said that they tape their seam guide in place on their walking foot to keep it from moving around (and to keep from having to mark all those lines!), so I think I’ll try that.


This quilt is 60″ x 84″ , which is at the outside of my zone for really enjoying machine quilting.  It’s a bit heavy on the shoulders, and more than a bit warm in this lovely summer weather in my upstairs studio.


Verdict on the fabrics:  I still love both tulip prints and the Grunge.  I really can’t stand the pink at this point, but it still plays well with the others, so…


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