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Getting it Done for April and May



Where did April go?  I don’t know, but I did plug away at my goals and I met them!  I do think part of my problem is that I am not as lazy (well…) as I am forgetful.  And distractable.  I just don’t notice that things aren’t done until someone visits my  house… or shows their project that I meant to do.  So having four goals that I can keep on my brain is really helping, and I do feel satisfied marking them off.

One slight problem is that I liked the primary (Elephant) baby quilt so well that I saved it to give as a gift for an anticipated great-nephew.  It isn’t really a problem, but I do have to put it back on my list if I want one for the shop.  And I was so inspired that I made a coordinating quilt for the great-niece, so that’s all done.  Early!

April Goals

1. Make 4-5 spring wall hangings for Etsy shop

2. Quilt and bind queen bed quilt

3. Make floral baby quilt

4. Make primary baby quilt

May Goals

1. Finish Project Hope Online Quilt Show art quilt.

2.  Make a pair of pillow cases to coordinate with new queen quilt

3.  Primary baby quilt (yeah, I know, again!)

4.  Scrap donation quilt.


How are you doing on your goals?  It’s hard with spring here, but sew when you can!


I’m linking up with Getting it Done on Patchwork Times.  It’s not too late to jump in and join us!



Author: Valerie

I'm Valerie, also known as Scooquilt. I am passionate about fabric and quilting. My quilts are colorful and modern, but grounded in traditional blocks. My degrees are in Fine Arts and Education. I'm retired from teaching and trying to quilt daily. Reading, gardening, and cats are also important to me.

3 thoughts on “Getting it Done for April and May

  1. You are doing so well on your goals. I need to get the Star Sampler top finished, so I can get back to my 26 projects list.

  2. I can understand why you would save that quilt – so precious. Bet it feels good to have them done and ready for the babies. Must visit your Etsy shop.

  3. WOOT WOOT Valerie! You’re doing great!

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