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Sunday Stash Report: 7/30/17


We have had beautiful weather here in my part of Ohio.  It’s tempting to work outside all day, but it’s also cool enough to sew, so I had a personal sew-in this weekend.

Just a little change in the numbers this week.  I purchased a yard of red and white striped fabric that will make good bindings.

Then I used two and a half yards to make these blocks for Kat’s July/August block drive (if July got away from you as it did me, you still have a month to make any kind of star blocks in red, white, and blue.  I love seeing fabrics from past projects as I make donation blocks, buts here’s a take on the way others may view your scraps.

This week:  +  1 yard,  – 2.5  yards
This year:  + 75.25 yards,  – 85.25 yards
Net destashed added in 2017:  10 yards
Creeping along, but I’ll get to 50 yards.  Are you using your stash?

Author: Valerie

I'm Valerie, also known as Scooquilt. I am passionate about fabric and quilting. My quilts are colorful and modern, but grounded in traditional blocks. My degrees are in Fine Arts and Education. I'm retired from teaching and trying to quilt daily. Reading, gardening, and cats are also important to me.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report: 7/30/17

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see them in person!

  2. Indeed that’s the only thing I’m using 🙂 I had to get some bckground polka dots for the quilt I’m working on, other than that I’m only working from stash this year. And I still have plenty, let me tell you!

  3. Sadly, I am still slightly in the red, but hoping to get out. My new client may prevent that goal from being reached as they offering me money to stay away from my sewing machine. I wouldn’t be so callus if it weren’t for that damn tuition bill.

    Love the blocks! They remind me of my donation blocks.

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