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Sunday Stash Report: 5/26/13


Well, yes, that is new fabric.  22 1/5 yards from eQuilter.  I suppose it doesn’t reduce the yardage that most of it was on sale, does it?  But it’s great stuff, and some of it is earmarked for a Christmas gift project.  I did use 7 1/2 yards to finish the Blue and Orange donation quilt.


This week:  +22.5 yards,  -7.5 yards

YTD:  +73 yards,  -138 yards

Net stash used in 2013:  65 yards


How are you doing with your stash reduction?  Sometimes you have to buy some to use some…


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Sunday Stash Report: 4/21/13


Well, it was all buy this week and no use.  I was feeling a distinct lack of solids and neutrals, and my DH and I found the perfect day to make a trip to The Fabric Shack.  I know that those of you around the world who buy from them because of their low-cost shipping are jealous that I am close enough (forty-five minutes) to visit there.  It is a great store to visit.  The stuff just goes on and on.  However, they have more in their online store than they can fit in the brick and mortar place.  Kona solids, for instance, are never completely represented when I go there.  Their warehouse is in town, and if they’re not busy (ha!), and you can wait long enough, they might bring over the bolt you need, but sometimes it is just easier to order.  Still, we had a very pleasant spring trip, and I found the floral on a good sale.


I’ve been sewing all week (when I wasn’t fabric shopping), but I only succeeded in quilting half of my queen sized Nicey Jane quilt, so nothing to count as used.  Maybe next week?


If you like numbers, notice that I’ve used exactly twice as much as I’ve purchased this year.  So if I buy another hundred yards… No, I guess not.  As you can see, my stash is already out of hand.


This week:  +12.75 yards,  -0 yards

YTD:  +50.5 yards, -101 yards

Net stash used in 2013:  50.5 yards


How are you doing on your destashing?


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Sunday Stash Report: 3/2/13


Just a little bit of fabric came in this week, but even less went out.  These things happen.

I was proud of myself for taking my ConKerr Cancer pillowcases to the nearest drop off on February 28, helping to complete my goals for February “Getting It Done” at Patchwork Times.  (I also met that day with the very nice and appreciative lady who collects Project Linus blankets, and handed off eight baby quilts, so I did complete all my goals.)  Nothing like waiting till the last day of the month, but I DID it, and that’s what counts.  However, The Mason Jar, that took the pillowcases, IS a quilt shop, so what could I do?  I think it would have been very rude to leave without buying anything…especially when they gave me 10% off for dropping off ten pillowcases…  So I wasn’t rude, but I didn’t buy very much, either.  I bought two golden brown batiks to fill out my dwindling browns, and the end of a bolt of fabric with large dots.  When I asked the women at the cutting table what color they thought it was, the answer was, “Kind of a grayish, blackish, brownish color.  Taupe?”  So I have some taupe dots for a backing.  Hmmm.

This week:  +5.75 yards,  -3.25 yards (pink quiet quilt)

YTD:  +21.75 yards, -63.5 yards

Net Stash used in 2013:  -41.75 yards

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Sunday Stash Report 2/17/13

Pretty good numbers this week.  Not feeling terribly inspired or productive this week, but creeping along with fairly mindless string piecing and scrappy nine patches.  My pillow covers used eight yards.

This week:  +0 yds.,  -8 yds.

YTD:  +16 yds.,  -57 yds.

Net stash used in 2013:  -41 yds.  


Not that string piecing is easy with “help” like this!

I’m coming right along on my February “Getting It ” goals, too:

February Goals

1.  Make a primary or bright baby quilt for Etsy shop.

2. Pillow covers for living room pillows.

3. Floral quilt for Etsy shop.

4.  Mail/deliver charity quilts and pillowcases


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Sunday Stash Report: 2/10/13


Well, a bit of fabric came in this week, but I’m continuing to destash.  I used some fabric, and I’m about to get rid of some older quilts.  Feeling lighter already.

16 yards of fabric came via UPS.  It’s lots of solids, some binding stripes, and some backing.  Good stuff.

The purple and gray floral quilt used 9.5 yards, all from stash.


I’m meeting a women in a parking lot this week to hand off seven older baby quilts for Project Linus.  I wonder how we will recognise each other?  They are perfectly fine quilts that I made as I was practicing, but they just never sold.  Now they will be loved, and I will have more room.  Win, win.

This week:  +16 yds.,  -9.5 yds

YTD:  +16 yds.,  -49 yds.

Net stash used in 2013:  -33 yds.

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Sunday Stash Report 1/20/13

Starting the New Year in the black!  This can’t last forever, but I’m doing well so far on stash reduction.  So far I’ve bought some thread and a roll of batting (which don’t count here!), and several customers are talking to me about commissions, so I know there will be fabric purchases soon.  Until then, I will enjoy these numbers.

I used 10 yards for the Winter Nine Patch this week.  That puts me here:

This week:  +0 yards,  -10 yards

YTD:  +0 yards,  -22 yards

Net stash used in 2013:  22 yards


How are you coming on your stash reduction?


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Sunday Stash Report 12/30/12 (The Last One!)

Final Stash Report of 2012!  I love my numbers!  I love that I’ve largely stopped buying and am really using from my stash.  My numbers are so positive, I considered checking out the sales and stocking up (a little!), but I decided against it.  I do love a sale, but I have plenty.  I know I’ll buy more in the new year, but hopefully that will be mainly to complete projects.  They will have sales next year, too.

This week:  +0 yards,  -10 yards (for donation pillowcases)

YTD:  +116 yards,  -240.5 yards

Net stash used in 2012:  -124.5  yards!

How are you doing?  Do you have goals for the new year?  I think I know mine, but I’ll share next week.

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