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Rail Fence and Ribbon Candy

IMG_2424Today I finished this quilt, destined for donation.

IMG_2428I made it to use this backing, which I like a lot but for which I have never found a use.  I also wanted it to be in “boys” colors, since I have plenty of florals to donate.

IMG_2425I quilted it with wavy lines, but I didn’t think they were enough, so I added these flowing lines between each set of vertical waves.  I knew they had a name, and my friends supplied it:  ribbon candy!  Even more fun than quilting them.  I used Superior’s So Fine thread in a variegated light green.

IMG_2427There are two different blocks, one with three patches, and one with four,  just because I wanted to mix it up a bit.  I still think that has potential, though it isn’t great here.  Doing this again, I would use the same fabrics (yum!), but mix up the values more.

I still like it, and I hope the recipient will, too.