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A Basket for Me


Sunday I finished putting together this basket to help tidy up my studio. I had a lot of messy recycled mailing envelopes that were an eyesore overflowing their shelf. I also had some home dec fabric I hadn’t used, and a roll of Peltex cluttering up a corner.

I used the directions for the One Hour Basket, but I substituted Peltex for the fusible fleece. I fused the Peltex in place before sewing, and I didn’t think until much later that I should have scored it where I wanted it to bend. Doing it this way, I literally wrestled with it, but I won in the end.

Today I found out that I should have used this tutorial by lillyella. Go look at it, just to see her beautiful work. She handles the stiffener so much better here. Ah, well, next time. Thanks so much, Jaye, for the link. Do you read Jaye’s Various and Sundry posts? I always find so much there.

Anyway, I’m glad I made this. It lets me use the whole shelf and hides the mess. And I dusted for the photo!

Good luck on your projects!

Author: Valerie

I'm Valerie, also known as Scooquilt. I am passionate about fabric and quilting. My quilts are colorful and modern, but grounded in traditional blocks. My degrees are in Fine Arts and Education. I'm retired from teaching and trying to quilt daily. Reading, gardening, and cats are also important to me.

3 thoughts on “A Basket for Me

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  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout!!! I appreciate it.

    I often use Soft & Stable for the inside of those 1 hour baskets. I like Soft & Stable for a lot of things that call for fusible batting/fleece. Scoring, if you use Peltex is a good idea.

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