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October / November Goals


Happy November!  It’s crisp and sunny and leaf-covered here, perfect quilting weather (after I get the garden cleaned up and put away!).

October’s quilting was a mixed success.  I really like the String Ornaments quilt that I just planned to start, but had to finish.  Handy Dandy, on the other hand…  I think I’m just bored because every block is quilted the same way.  Whatever the reason, I put it off and put it off, until I finally got it out and quilted one row of blocks.  (Thank you to the Twilters on Twitter for all your encouragement!)  Then I spent a week very sick and couldn’t quilt at all, so there went the month.  I’ll keep it out and try to get back to it between tasks this month.


October Goals:

  1. Make donation blocks for Kat’s September/October block driveYes!  I made a dozen and mailed them.  See above.
  2. Finish quilting Handy DandyUm, no.  I got it out and quilted one more row of it, but there’s a lot more to do.
  3. Bind Handy Dandy.  No.
  4. Begin a Christmas scrap quilt.  Begun and finished!  Once I started, I couldn’t stop on this one.


November will begin with a commission quilt, and then I’ll see what else I can find time for.

November Goals:

  1. Design, communicate, and order fabrics for Louisville commission quilt.
  2. Piece top for Louisville.
  3. Quilt and bind Louisville.
  4. Pull fabrics, begin cutting for Charlotte’s new mystery.
  5. Work on Handy Dandy.


As far as I know, I’m not sewing anything for Christmas, but who knows?


2019-10-31 12.29.58-2.jpg

Good luck on your goals!


Sunday Stash Report: 10/20/19

The String Ornaments quilt used a nice chunk of fabric, including some real scraps, and no new fabric came in.

This week: + 0 yards, – 7.75 yards

This year: + 74.5 yards, – 89 yards

Net destashed added in 2019: 14.5 yards

Making some progress!

Check out how Jaye’s been busting her scraps with these great blocks.

Keep using your stash!


String Ornament Finish







My quilt full of String Ornaments is finished, and I love it!  It feels clean and modern, but still very Christmasy and cozy.

2019-10-18 151166066350927415059..jpgThe top was inspired by this ornament fabric I’ve had for awhile and wanted to use for the backing.  I love the contrast between the Victorian ornaments and the modern ones.

2019-10-18 153341309616076094866..jpg2019-10-18 153757255540887197421..jpgThe red and green fabrics are all from my Christmas scraps, I didn’t cut into any yardage for them.  It was fun to remember all the projects and it really did clean up my scrap bin.  I pieced them on seed catalog and phone book pages, which came away very easily.  Usually I remove the paper as soon as I’m finished piecing, but this time I left it on until I had added the white corners.  That made the blocks stable enough to sew together without the paper.

2019-10-18 156400932470592601825..jpg

The various white-on-white background fabrics were all from that 12 lb. box from the Fat Quarter Shop last month.

2019-10-18 157109049579312117555..jpg2019-10-18 158081306096025089..jpg

I used the backing fabric to make the binding.

2019-10-18 1576460821137549659..jpg

And, yes, it’s been inspected.

We’re linking up to Whoop Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, and Finished or Not Finished Friday at Alycia Quilts.

2019-10-18 15.27.46




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Sunday Stash Report: 10/6/19

No new fabric, and I used two yards of scraps to make these twelve donation blocks for Kat’s Covered in Love. Can’t wait to see all the designs they’ll make with this Split Nine-Patch.

This week: + 0 yards, – 2 yards

This year: + 74.5 yards, – 81.25 yards

Net destashed added in 2019: 6.75 yards

Creeping along, but it’s in the right direction.

Continuing to bust the scraps with these string blocks. Don’t these put you in the mood? And, for once, I can see a difference in the scrap bin!

Good luck using your stash!

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September/ October Goals

Happy October! We’re having a few hot days this week, but it has been feeling and looking like fall here.

I did well on my September goals.

September Goals:

  1. Make some Christmas coasters from scraps. Yes, several sets.
  2. Make a wall hanging from a printed panel. Yes! In fact I made three from the same panel. Here they are.
  3. Start a nordic-themed quilt from a printed panel. Yes! And finished it! Right here.

Bonus: I sewed a small zipper pouch for my purse.

This month I’m giving Handy Dandy another try. I’ve wanted to make a scrappy Christmas quilt for a while, but when I got out my Christmas scraps I saw I really had to do something! And Kat’s blocks this month are easy and great scrap busters.

October Goals:

  1. Make donation blocks for Kat’s September/October block drive.
  2. Finish quilting Handy Dandy.
  3. Bind Handy Dandy.
  4. Begin a Christmas scrap quilt.

Good luck to you this month!