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Tiny Pouch Finish

IMG_2669Yesterday I finished the little pouch to keep me from dropping my stuff all over the Y.  I used the Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial from Noodlehead.  I didn’t use her measurements, though.  I think I cut my pieces about 7″ by 6″.  And I added a strap by which to carry and hang it.  I’m not sure you could tell these are flamingos if you didn’t already know, but it’s colorful, anyway.  I used Pellon fusible fleece for interfacing, and it stands up well.

IMG_2667I also added inside pockets.  There is a very good reason the pattern doesn’t have pockets.  They don’t work with this construction method.  Well, because I’ve made pouches before, I figured out how to sew around them, but it added time to what should have been a very quick project.  Maybe if they were just sewn into the lining they would work, but I wanted them sewn all the way through the layers.  Probably shows my lack of bag-making experience.  But don’t do it if you’ve never made one before.  This is a nice, simple, cute pattern without them.

IMG_2664One pocket is for my Bluetooth earpiece, and the other is for hairbands.  Then in goes my phone and Y card, and maybe my wallet.  I’ll be so together no one will recognize me!

Hope you’re finding time to sew!