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Piggy Bank Pitcher

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Valerie Reynolds invited me to stop over and participate in her Piggy Bank Savings=Money for Quilting Challenge, so I’m in.  What could be wrong with saving spare change to put toward quilting supplies?  So I grabbed my dresser change to get started.


2014-07-06 19.23.31

Here’s my Pitcher Bank.  It’s an antique pitcher that was my great grandmother’s, and she was a quilter, so I know she wouldn’t mind.  I’ll use the money saved up to purchase a few Craftsy classes.  I’ve never spent the money to take any, and I’d like to take some on machine quilting.  Here it is on top of my treadle, but now it’s in the china cabinet where Yuri won’t bother it.

So, who wants to join me?  Come on, you have time for this!  No excuses.  See you at Val’s linky.