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Animal Finish #2

Here’s the finished baby quilt from the Bramble fabric. It’s a good thing its finished, because the first one sold yesterday!

Careful observers will note the glenn plaid border that was supposed to go on the other one. It almost didn’t make it onto here, either, but I added a cream flange that separated it enough to make it work.

I like the checkerboard embroidery I used on the quad blocks (partially to hide the dotted line printed there). Next time I will embroider the blocks before they are assembled into the top. Live and learn!

Get this one quickly, before it’s gone from my Etsy shop!


Animal Finish

I found this animal panel (“Bramble” by Moda) and the glen plaid for the backing. The animals have great patterns, and I thought it would be fun to add more small cream and black prints around them. It was, but pretty soon my eyes were throbbing from all that pattern.

The borders were supposed to be glen plaid, but I switched them out for a slightly calmer fabric.

I used a black Grunge for the binding. We were looking at stripes on Twitter, but I just couldn’t do any more pattern!

I do like it now that I don’t have to look at it so closely. 36″ x 42″ Find this sharp little quilt in my Etsy shop soon.


Friday Finish: Wild Animals

2020-08-07 12.58.13 (1)

Yes, they are all watching you!  Isn’t this a great panel?  I framed each animal up with some nubbins of fabrics, and then used the rest to make a scrappy binding.  All gone!


2020-08-07 12.58.21 (1)

We debated some other background fabrics, but I felt like our choice was too busy, so I chose this subtle (boring?) light fabric, and I had just enough.


2020-08-07 12.59.18 (1)

The owl fabric on the back was purchased for another project and never used, so here it is.  Yes, gold highlights.


2020-08-07 13.00.12 (1)

Find this for sale in my Etsy shop.