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Adventures in Fabric Art


Sunday Stash Report: 3/27/22

A finish! These placemats started as a printed panel, and then I trimmed them out with strips from the Stash. They will eventually be in my Etsy shop.

  • This week: + 1.0 yards, – 2.5 yards
  • This year: + 18.75 yards, – 20.0 yards
  • Net fabric destashed/added this year: 1.25 yards

Next up is this version (#4!) of the rainbow quilt for a commission.

Enjoy your sewing!

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Sunday Stash Report: 3/20/22

Yes, fabric was purchased. This is for a commissioned baby quilt, so part of it will go out soon.

I used 1.5 yards to make the Sunflower hanging.

  • This week: + 5.75 yards, – 1.5 yards
  • This year: + 17.75 yards, – 17.5 yards
  • Net fabric destashed/added this year: .25 yards

Keep using your stash!


Sunflower Finish

Today I finished the Sunflower hanging. (It’s straighter than this, I was fighting the wind.)

It’s 23″ x 30″. I ended up putting a hanging sleeve on the back. The blues are not showing up well here, but they all read as blue, not gray.

I think the quilting gives it a lot of texture and energy. I’m pretty happy with it.

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Sunday Stash Report: 3/13/2022

Yes, I bought 5 yards of fabric (remember my problem of being out of blues?).

I did finish Clue #3 of the mystery quilt, but I can’t count that fabric out yet.

  • This week: + 5 yards, – 0 yards
  • This year: + 12 yards, – 16.0 yards
  • Net fabric destashed/added this year: 4.0 yards

But I’m going to start finishing things and beef up those numbers soon!

We’ll be getting to work any moment now! Take care.

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Sunday Stash Report: 2/20/2022

No new fabric this week, and I used 3.5 yards to make the Animals #2 baby quilt.

  • This week: + 0 yards, – 3.5 yards
  • This year: + 7 yards, – 16.0 yards
  • Net fabric destashed/added this year: 9.0 yards

Yuri’s pretty serious about you using your stash.

Take care.

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Animal Finish #2

Here’s the finished baby quilt from the Bramble fabric. It’s a good thing its finished, because the first one sold yesterday!

Careful observers will note the glenn plaid border that was supposed to go on the other one. It almost didn’t make it onto here, either, but I added a cream flange that separated it enough to make it work.

I like the checkerboard embroidery I used on the quad blocks (partially to hide the dotted line printed there). Next time I will embroider the blocks before they are assembled into the top. Live and learn!

Get this one quickly, before it’s gone from my Etsy shop!

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Sunday Stash Report: 2/13/2022

In the last two weeks I have bought NO fabric! All I’ve finished sewing was the animal quilt.

  • This week: + 0 yards, – 2.75 yards
  • This year: + 7 yards, – 12.5 yards
  • Net fabric destashed/added this year: 5.5 yards

Creeping along, but using the stash!