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Sunday Stash Report: 5/10/20

Happy Mothers Day!

This week I received 8.5 yard of fabric from Fabric Shack. They are backed up, so it took about two weeks to get my order. Most of it is the feather print for the back to Scrap Fantasy Medallion.

I used 6.5 yards for the two baby quilts I finished this week: Star Wars Geese and Rose Garden.

This week: + 8.5 yards, – 6.5 yards

This year: + 53 yards, – 70.5 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 17.5 yards

I hope you’re sewing today!


Lots of Roses- Finished

I made this top earlier, so I just had to quilt and bind it.

I’ve had this fabric for a looong time, so I’m finally using it (there’s more left!). I didn’t want cut it, so I just sliced it and inserted the chevrons.

I quilted it with zig zags all over.

This is in my Etsy shop.


Star Wars Finish

2020-05-07 06.37.32

I found myself working away on this quilt on May the Fourth, so I guess the Force is strong with this one!

2020-05-06 14.55.41 (1)

Pro Tip:  Make sure you’re using you 1/4″ foot while you are piecing.  I made all these geese using my open-toe #20 foot, left on from binding the last quilt.  Apparently it sews a 3/8 or 5/16″ seam… Made them too small.  Thank goodness the whole top wasn’t full of piecing!

2020-05-07 06.38.27 (1)

I’m much happier with the quilting on this one.  It’s rays extending in different directions, and it seems to be enough.

2020-05-06 15.02.27 (1)

You’ll find this quilt in my Etsy Shop.

2020-05-06 14.58.22 (2)


Sunday Stash Report: 5/3/20

All my fabric this week comes from Etsy sellers.  Besides helping out fellow crafters, there’s a huge variety of fabrics in one spot.

My only finish was the Rainbow Baby Quilt.

This week: + 5.75 yards, – 3.25 yards

This year: + 44.5 yards, – 64 yards

Total destashed / added in 2020: 19.5 yards

Wrong direction, I know, but more finishes will be coming up!

Good luck using your stash!

Rainbow Finish

2020-05-01 16.18.34 (1)

This one-block quilt is a new direction for me, and I like the result. I would tweek some things for another one, making the rainbow taller and thinner. I was just happy when I figured out how to make a rainbow without resorting to giant applique or curved piecing.

2020-05-01 16.18.53 (1)

I decided to make this baby quilt (36″ x 42″) after seeing examples of earth-tone rainbows for nurseries on Pinterest and Etsy.

2020-05-01 16.20.47 (1)

Also, I was looking for a use for a couple of fabrics from the “When Skies are Gray” line, like these umbrellas.

2020-05-01 16.20.38 (1)

I intended to narrow strips of more fabrics to make the stripes, but I found the perfect colors in my 2.5 strip container.

2020-05-01 16.18.43 (1)

The quilting is sort of a clamshell. I hope it suggests clouds. I like the look, but I think this quilt could have used a little more quilting. The good news is that I got my stitch regulator working, so that made life easier.

2020-05-01 16.21.03 (1)

Find this baby quilt in my Etsy shop.

2020-05-01 16.21.41 (2)


April / May Goals

Happy May, everyone! For me, April had lots of sewing time. I gardened on the sunny days, and sewed on the rainy ones, and I think the rainy ones won out.

April Goals:

  1. Complete Clue #4 for Scrap Fantasy Medallion. Yes. This turned out to be finishing the top.
  2. Make donation blocks for Kat’s March/April Covered in Love drive. Yes. Here.
  3. Cover the cushion for my deck settee. Yes. Here.
  4. Make a top for Beach Quilt #7. Yes, and quilted it.

Bonus: Made parts of several baby quilt tops. Here and here.

And made a bunch of masks.

I have some fabric on order, so I’ve been working on parts of baby quilts while I’m waiting.

May Goals:

  1. Complete Star Wars baby quilt.
  2. Complete Roses baby quilt.
  3. Complete Rainbow baby quilt.
  4. Complete Feather/Owl baby quilt.
  5. Make progress on sandwiching / quilting Scrap Fantasy.

Keep safe, and I hope you find some sewing time!