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Sunday Stash Report: 11/17/13 Communicating and Celebrating


100 yards

Before I celebrate this week’s good destashing.  I’d like to explain my poor communication here in Blogland.  I am, by spells, quiet and content to lurk on the sidelines, but lately I’m blaming my electronics for not getting back to you.  I know I’m lucky to own several hi tech devices, and I feel a little like the quilter who complained because she had no shoes until she met one who had no feet.

However, said devices have been in a state of mutiny lately.  Last month my newer tablet decided that it didn’t want to be an Android tablet anymore, but just wanted to read Nook books.  I really liked reading my Feedly feed on it (and commenting), and posting to this blog from it (and answering comments).  I’ve been using my old tablet that sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn’t.  And now, when I get to the end of one of your blog posts, and am all revved up to comment on it, it refuses to give me a keyboard.  The cursor is there. Just nothing to type on.  No matter what I do.


And by the time I’m on my laptop I’ve forgotten where and on what I was so interested in commenting.  I have been visiting others when I join a linky party, but I’m doing a terrible job of getting back to my commenters.  After a month or so of having trouble accessing my email on the laptop, I finally deleted my account and set it all up again.  Then I was getting all my email, and thought I was sending some out, but turns out they were all stuck in my outbox.  Yesterday, I looked at the error message again, and noticed I had spelled “server” without an “r”.  I fixed that, and a month’s worth of emails and comment answers went spewing into cyberspace.  It was probably confusing to get an answer to something you said to me weeks ago.  Anyway, I have been reading and appreciating your posts, as well as your comments on mine.  I just haven’t been able to tell you.  I’ll keep trying.


Now, thanks to my Pink and Green Cabins quilt (which I will photograph when the wind and rain stop), I have reached 100 yards!

This week:  +0 yards,  -10.5 yards

YTD:  +131 yards,  -231.25 yards

Net stash used in 2013:  -100.25 yards


We’re all excited here!

I’m linking up with Sunday Stash Report at Patchwork Times.

Author: Valerie

I'm Valerie, also known as Scooquilt. I am passionate about fabric and quilting. My quilts are colorful and modern, but grounded in traditional blocks. My degrees are in Fine Arts and Education. I'm retired from teaching and trying to quilt daily. Reading, gardening, and cats are also important to me.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report: 11/17/13 Communicating and Celebrating

  1. Congrats! It’s time for cake! 🙂

  2. Great job on the numbers. My cat likes to help sewing too.

  3. Congrats on 100 yards! and good luck with your device issues.

  4. Love the kitty peek a boo!

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